Why RentABike endorses Mad Or Nomad

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Another Great Resource

Rentabike just happened to stumble across Mad or Nomad blog and took a look at their content. The first article that attracted us was this one telling people what they don’t tell you about motorcycle travel which we thought was very insightful. It was at this point that we thought it was a worthwhile blog that had a lot of useful information on it that all of our customers would benefit from. So, we delved deeper. Then we got the chance to collaborate with them and offer up a Vietnam country guide. Game on. 

Mad or Nomad creators, Andy and Alissa
Mad or Nomad creators, Andy and Alissa

About Mad or Nomad

These guys started off backpacking around Europe but soon realised that it was motorbike touring that really thrilled them. They also realized pretty quickly that they were greedy for more than just the odd trip when the day job allowed them. They wanted this to be a way of life not just an escape from the tedium and they took to full time travelling around the world.

stuck in the sand!
stuck in the sand!

About their site

MadorNomad was set up in 2018 as a way for them to keep in touch with family and friends back home whilst they were travelling. However, as they continued on their journey, they got more and more contact from people aspiring to the goal seeking help and advice. 

Like us and RentABike, they couldn’t resist helping others out and got quite a kick out helping others plan their adventures and solve problems whilst on the road.

in Morocco on a Honda Cub
in Morocco on a Honda Cub

In a Nutshell

These guys produce guides, features, stories and articles on all aspects of motorcycle travel and adventure riding to help people get out there and have their own adventures. 

Mad or Nomad is a FREE online resource for anyone looking to travel on motorcycles. We hope it helps and we look forward to seeing you on the road someday!

They are like-minded in that they desire to help other people play out their dreams and get a thrill in seeing this happen. 

That’s why we like them 🙂