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Great Loop
12 Day Motorcycle Tour


This is a massive tour for those who want to see it all. As the name suggests we take a huge loop over the north of Vietnam from East to West. We ride along the China border and through some of the most picturesque locations taking in the daily lives of the ethnic highlanders. We cover over 1,500km on tarmac, dirt, and single track and each day presents its own challenges. A lot of distance is covered each day so only those who are comfortable in the saddle need apply. We can also extend this further if we wish to visit the war sites of Dien Bien Phu.
Vietnam Motorcycle Tour Map - 12 Day Great Loop - Rentabike Vietnam


12 Days, 11 Nights
1700 km
Pillions Welcome

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4 riders
this little cave is tucked away just a little south of Ha Giang
220 km
7 hours
Secret Cave
We obviously need to get out of town today and we do that with minimal hassle but with some traffic. We get off the main highway as quickly as possible and then head for That Khe on the smaller back roads. Along the way, we will pass through small valleys, custard apple groves, and tiny hamlets. There is not much going on in That Khe but that is the charm of the countryside.