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Hanoi. Danang. HCMC.

3 locations nationally.

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Hassle-free rentals. Quality tours.

Professional Team

Skilled guides and mechanics. Bilingual customer support.

Genuine Motorcyles

Honda and Yamaha motorcycles exclusively. All official parts.

Transparent Pricing

Competitive prices, calculated on-site. No hidden fees.

Vietnam Motorcycle Rentals

Rental packages for all types of rider.

Tourist Rental

No mileage limit, no minimum rental period. Maximum flexibility.

One-Way Rental

Begin and end your rental in different cities. Shops in Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City.

Expat Rental

For riders who are living and working in Vietnam. Convenient and highly cost-effective.

Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

Guided, all-inclusive motorcycle tours.

The Best of Vietnam

Your professional guide will take you well off the beaten track.

Quality Motorcycles

XR150. CRF250. Honda Future semi-auto. Third party insurance included as standard.

Massive Selection

Choose from close to 30 unique tour routes.

Plan Your Adventure

Route guides. Vietnamese culture. Expat advice.

Most Popular Motorcycle Rentals

Gear provided. Try before you rent.

Most Popular Motorcycle Tours

Experienced tour guides. Massive selection.

37,000+ Customers Served

19 years in operation.

Rental Packages

Tourist Rental

Our Tourist Rental package is our most popular offering. There is no mileage limit, no minimum rental period, and you’re free to ride wherever you like!

One-Way Rental

Our One-Way Rental package is identical to our Tourist Rental package except, for an additional charge of $75, you’re free to begin and end your rental in different cities.

We have shops in Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City.

Expat Rental

Our Expat Rental package is designed for riders who are living and working in Vietnam. It’s a highly cost-effective way of getting around.

Expat Rentals are subject to:

  • a minimum rental period of 2 months,
  • a mileage limit of 1,000 km per month
  • and you’re limited to the city in which you rented your motorcycle and its immediate vicinity.

Full Comparison

Tourist Rental
One-Way Rental
Expat Rental
daily +
$75 surcharge
$500 or passport
1 month’s rental fee
Required Docs
labour contract;
work address
Mileage Limit
1,000 km
Minimum Rental
2 months
limited to 1 city