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Honda Future
from $10

Rental Package Availability

Tourist Rental: Yes
One-Way Rental: Yes
Expat Rental: Yes


The Honda Future is our most powerful semi-automatic scooter: very similar to the Honda Wave Alpha and the Honda Wave Blade, but with a larger engine and slightly higher-spec components. These bikes are lightweight, easy to ride and extremely economical.
Because of its power and reliability the Future can be used for touring and is capable of carrying a pillion and some light luggage. Any more than that, though, and we’d recommend a larger, manual bike like the Honda XR 150 dual-sport or the very cool Honda FTR 230.

Try Before You Rent

Test ride as many as you like. You can even swap your bike mid-rental!

Equipment You Need

Helmet included. Luggage rack available on request.

Ride With Confidence

Bikes serviced prior to rental, as well as every 1,500km.

You're Covered

Breakdown assistance from our team of professional, bilingual staff.

Reserve Now

No card details required. Cancel any time.

Betsi Van Zyl
Betsi Van ZylFacebook Recommendation
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Kind, caring and helpful team. I've had a really good experience renting from them. Their bikes are in good condition and the maintenance is done routinely and thoroughly. I rent long term. They request you to bring the bike in for services, oil changes and other checks when the time comes. Their admin is in perfect order.
Moss Turner
Moss TurnerGoogle Review
Read More
Danny and his staff make it effortless to get on a bike in Hanoi, and if you are confident in a bike, there is no better way to see the city, or the country. The convenience of being able to get on and ride anywhere in the city without having with expensive taxis ripping you off, even just a 2 hour ride around the west lake, or off to see the sights, is well worth it. Danny sent route suggestions and was always there for advice and information.
DanielTripadvisor Review
Read More
This is a well-run rental agency. I have been living in and out of Vietnam and other parts of Southeast Asia for over 20 years, and it's consistently a pleasure to rent from Rent A Bike. The staff are friendly and accommodating. The process for rental is straightforward, the bikes are in good shape, and the prices are reasonable. Rental is easy either in person or online (we've done both), and very much appreciate that we've been able to pick up bikes the night before an early leave. We will continue renting from this shop.
Angus Radford
Angus RadfordFacebook Recommendation
Read More
Excellent service. The company provided two 230cc Honda FTR bikes which were in fantastic condition. During our trip we had a complication and were unable to return the bikes. The company were kind unbelievably helpful during our crisis and fast to respond and could not have been more organised, honest or pragmatic. Thank you!
Samara McQueston
Samara McQuestonFacebook Recommendation
Read More
I have been renting from Danny for close to 5 months now. I have never had an issue with the bike the entire time. They service the bike once a month free of charge as well. They even let me change the bike when I was travelling to the mountain free of charge. I can not recommend their services enough!! Helpful, reliable, excellent service!
Lauren Raubaugh
Lauren RaubaughGoogle Review
Read More
I've had such a good experience here! Thank you to Danny for being so patient and giving two long lessons to a complete beginner - it really helped me feel more confident. I'm sure all the staff there will continue to be as helpful and responsive to concerns as they have been so far as I start driving my new rental bike. Highly recommended!
KathrynTripadvisor Review
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Always friendly. Great service. We were super happy as residents to rent our bike and never have to worry about a thing. Pop in for a quick rental, we would use them again anytime we come back to Ha Noi.
Darius Postma
Darius PostmaFacebook Recommendation
Read More
I rented a bike from Rentabike for close to two years and can absolutely recommend them. The service was superb throughout and nothing was ever too much trouble for them. If you are looking for a short / long term rental this is the place to go. The bikes are reliable and well maintained and the staff are super friendly and well informed.
Mafer Alvarado
Mafer AlvaradoFacebook Recommendation
Read More
I rented a bike from Rentabike for almost three years. The bike never broke down on me but when I needed to leave to have it serviced, I would always receive a spare bike. They were always super nice to me and the prices were fair for the quality of the bike and the service they offer. I would highly recommend.
Van Doan
Van DoanGoogle Review
Read More
Great rental experience and flexible return time during covid. Will rent here again. We got to try out a few options before deciding on the bike that we felt suitable for us.
SargeTripadvisor Review
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I rented a semi-automatic bike for 2 months from Rent A Bike, and the service was fantastic. Danny took me for a lesson on gear changing as it had been a while since I had ridden on a bike with gears. Each month the bike was serviced, and the one time I had a mechanical issue with the bike, it was fixed promptly. They let me try a number of bikes over the course of a few days which I really appreciated as I was then sure I was buying a decent bike at a very fair price. I would totally recommend using Rent a Bike!
Robert Ennis
Robert EnnisFacebook Recommendation
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Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Good rates for rentals with lots of choice for the bikes. Will be moving to Hanoi in September and I will be using this company again.


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Rental Packages

Tourist Rental

Our Tourist Rental package is our most popular offering. There is no mileage limit, no minimum rental period, and you’re free to ride wherever you like!

One-Way Rental

Our One-Way Rental package is identical to our Tourist Rental package except, for an additional charge of $75, you’re free to begin and end your rental in different cities.

We have shops in Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City.

Expat Rental

Our Expat Rental package is designed for riders who are living and working in Vietnam. It’s a highly cost-effective way of getting around.

Expat Rentals are subject to:

  • a minimum rental period of 2 months,
  • a mileage limit of 1,000 km per month
  • and you’re limited to the city in which you rented your motorcycle and its immediate vicinity.

Full Comparison

Tourist Rental
One-Way Rental
Expat Rental
daily +
$75 surcharge
$500 or passport
1 month’s rental fee
Required Docs
labour contract;
work address
Mileage Limit
1,000 km
Minimum Rental
2 months
limited to 1 city