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Exploring Vietnam on an epic motorcycle tour? Just moved here to start a new job? We know what it’s like! Rentabike have progressed from just a few bikes to having one of the largest garages in the country and conducting massive tours on dual sports. But our mission is the same: to help people and offer international levels of service and transparency.

Genuine Motorcyles

Honda and Yamaha motorcycles exclusively. All official parts.

Professional Team

Skilled guides and mechanics. Bilingual customer support.

Transparent Pricing

Competitive prices, calculated on-site. No hidden fees.

Get to Know Us

Family Business
Danny and Thu started Rentabike as a husband and wife team, with just a couple of Honda Wave semi-autos which they rented out to expats in Hanoi's Old Quarter.
Long-Term Rentals
Most places rented motorcycles at a daily rate, so we introduced long-term Expat Rentals, priced monthly. People loved it, and this allowed us to set up shop in Hanoi's Old Quarter.
Move to Tay Ho
We left the Old Quarter for Tay Ho (Westlake) when it was becoming Hanoi's most popular expat area. We still love it here: way more chill, and closer to the airport, too!
Danang Shop Opens
Danang's expat community was crying out for fairly priced long-term motorcycle rentals. We became the first rental company in the coastal city to offer them.
Honda XR 125 Tours
Riders wanted to tour and we listened. We bought our first dual-sports and started offering short tours out of Hanoi.
Saigon Shop Opens
Danang went great, so we did the same in Saigon. This allowed us to start offering One-Way Rentals throughout Vietnam!
Honda XR 150 Tours
Bigger bikes meant more exciting tours—and lots of them! The Honda XR 150 remains one of our most popular models to this day.