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A Great Place to Teach

Teaching jobs in Vietnam have grown considerably over the last decade because of economic growth and heightened demand for an English speaking generation. As a result, native-speaking English teachers are arriving in Vietnam from all over the globe to teach English as a second language. All who decide to make the big move to Vietnam to teach English are fortunate enough to experience living in a cultural and beautiful country. Soaking up a new and exciting life in a big city or a small town.

English Language centers have now opened across the country in almost every city and town, all offering competitive salaries, working hours and opportunities. For a newbie arriving in Vietnam, deciding which teaching job is best for them is a real challenge.

Rent A Bike has a large English teaching customer base, with teaching expats renting long term in Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi. In order to help new teachers arriving in Vietnam, we’ve dedicated this post to sharing our knowledge of the best companies to teach for in Vietnam.

English Teaching Jobs in Vietnam

Teaching jobs in Vietnam vary greatly depending on the position and the company you work for. Teaching in Vietnam can be very flexible, and as a native speaker with a teaching qualification (TESOL/TEFL/CELTA), your options are vast. For example, teachers can work an ordinary 9-5 teaching position in a public or International school. Or alternatively, they can teach predominantly evenings and weekends in the language center.

To read more about teaching requirements in Vietnam, read our What Teaching in Vietnam is Really Like post.

Arguably, the most common teaching position available in Vietnam is in a language center. Language centers can be found across the country and generally operate outside of standard school hours. Hours in Language centers vary greatly depending on the center and the number of hours the teacher hopes to work.

In this post, we will begin by highlighting the top 5 teaching jobs and companies to work for in Vietnam, focusing on positions in English language centers.

Secondly, we will explore the different positions available to teachers in Vietnam and what can be expected of them and then finally looking at teacher requirements and lifestyle necessities in Vietnam.

Please remember that the information we provide is relevant to 2020 and is subject to change. The English teaching sector in Vietnam is ever-changing and schools are opening constantly. 

Top 5 Teaching Jobs in Vietnam in 2020

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1. ILA English

Largely located in the south of Vietnam, ILA English is one of the countries’ biggest and most successful English language organizations. With centers in over 9 locations in Vietnam, ILA English is well established and popular organization to teach for in Vietnam. A large majority of ILA English centers are in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding southern cities. However, ILA does have a presence in Hanoi, with various teaching positions available.

Below is a brief summary of what ILA English offer teachers:

  • Teaching opportunities in both public schools and language centers
  • Opportunity to pick up additional classes in public schools alongside their language center hours
  • Resources and access to lesson plans
  • Competitive teaching salary based on the number of hours taught
  • Various opportunities for progression and into different lines of teaching
  • Non-native speaking teachers will be considered based on fluency and qualified status

2. APAX English

Important Note: This blog information is from a former employee at APAX. However, we have been told that APAX has changed significantly and anyone who considers working there needs to do their due diligence.

As a relatively new company, APAX English has grown considerably over 5 years and is now one of the leading English teacher employers in Vietnam. Due to company success, centers have now been opened across the country and positions are available north to south. As a result of fast expansion, APAX English already has 130 centers from north to south. Many are in the major cities of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Whilst some centers are located in small cities and towns in more remote areas of Vietnam.

APAX English offer teachers:

  • A generous base salary and accompanying bonus structure
  • Potential to teach across Vietnam and in small towns
  • Strong teacher work-life balance with a set 21 teaching hours per week
  • Paid holidays and time off over Christmas
  • Visa, work permit and flight support
  • Set curriculum and lesson plans provided
  • Opportunity to progress into Head Teacher, Senior Teacher, and Head Office roles
APAX English centre in HCMC
APAX English centre in HCMC

3. VUS

VUS is a well established English Teaching Company in Vietnam, with 30 centers across 5 different teaching locations. Founded 20 years ago in Ho Chi Minh City, VUS offers teachers secure positions and potential to progress. As a result, teachers have the opportunity to work full or part-time and access to benefits for long term service.

VUS benefits are:

  • Salary and bonus scheme to reflect teacher experience
  • Competitive salary with teachers able to save on average 30% of earnings
  • Assistance with set up, visas and work permits
  • Resources and support available to all teachers
  • A range of different teaching positions to meet the requirements of the individual
  • 5 different teaching locations offering different lifestyles


Yola is new to the English language sector in Vietnam and has numerous job openings. Due to their recent openings, centers are located in HCMC or Hanoi at present. Yola delivers qualifications to all ages and has programs designed for IELTS, TEOFL and SAT. English teachers can expect jobs to involve exam preparation, as well as ongoing student development.

Benefits of teaching for Yola include:

  • Competitive teacher salary and benefits package
  • Comprehensive wellness package for employees and relatives
  • Professional training courses for employees and development potential
  • Positions in centers across Hanoi and HCMC
  • Committed to unlocking employee potential

5. Apollo

Established in 1995, Apollo Education and Training are a leading English Language organization in Vietnam. Apollo is a brand recognized throughout the country with various different teaching locations. In addition to this, teaching jobs are available in Apollo centers across Vietnam and can be applied for through their website.

Apollo benefits include:

  • Competitive salary and benefit scheme
  • Paid holiday days, public holidays and sick leave
  • New employees have direct support from experienced existing teachers and ongoing professional development
  • Positive workplace culture with outside of work social events
  • Opportunity to work with various different age groups
  • Excellent resources and access to prior lesson plans
Apollo English centre in HCMC
Apollo English centre in HCMC

Different Teaching Jobs in Vietnam

Due to the wide range of different teaching jobs in Vietnam, it is a challenge for new teachers to decide which position will fit them best. Many new teachers in Vietnam will find themselves working in one of the private language centers listed above or one of the many small private language centers located throughout Vietnam.

The most common teaching jobs in Vietnam are in private language centers or public/private schools. These two positions vary greatly in pay, working hours and work demands. However, some teachers are more suited to one than the other.

Full-Time Teaching Job in a Private Language Centre

All of the companies listed in this post are Private Language Centres. The reason for this is that teachers can apply and interview for teaching positions at Language Centres online, many new teachers find themselves initially in this role. Although language centers function in a similar way, teaching positions can still vary center to center.

Make sure you spend some time researching the company you will be working for and what their expectations are. Take location, working hours and pay into consideration. 

Working Hours

Private Language Centres function outside of normal school hours and are usually used as additional education for children. Students will attend class after they have finished a full day at school or on a weekend. This means that teachers are required to work outside of normal 9-5 hours.

Due to these working hours, teachers will often find themselves teaching less during the week and more on the weekend. To many people, working on a weekend sounds like an awful idea. However, when the majority of your colleagues are doing the same, it’s not too shabby. In addition to this, working in the evening frees up the entire day for activities and exploring!

Most teachers will teach between 5-9 pm Monday to Friday and 8 am-7 pm Saturday and Sunday. Average teaching hours vary between 20 to 30 hours per week, with two days off. And due to the nature of the job, teachers have the opportunity each week to pick up additional classes. Ideal if you’re looking to save a bit of money!

Actual teaching hours aside, most teachers can expect to spend at least 5 hours a week lesson planning. Which is an unpaid element of the job that should be considered.

Salary for Language Centre Teachers

Some Language Centres offer a base salary, while others will pay depending on the number of hours worked. The average pay per hour is $20, however, this varies depending on the center and teacher experience.

Most centers will offer teachers some form of bonus or incentive to complete a year contract. They will also offer opportunities to pick up additional teaching hours. As a result, pay very much depends on the teacher and their willingness to work.

Overall, teachers in Language Centres take home approximately $1200 per month. A healthy salary for someone living in Vietnam. To read more about teacher salary vs cost of living in Vietnam, click here. 

Full-Time Teaching Job in a Public or International School

Full-time teachers in Public or International Schools can expect to work typical 9-5 Monday to Friday teaching hours. For most, on the surface, this might sound like their best option. A set schedule with weekends off is something many teachers in Vietnam desire. However, teachers should take working demands, required experience and qualifications into consideration when applying for a job at a school.

In Vietnam, teaching jobs in schools can be a little harder to come by. Hence why many teachers start in Language Centres initially and move to schools once they are set up in the country. However, if a teacher is set on teaching in a school, jobs are often advertised on Facebook groups or via recruiters.

a typical Vietnamese high school
a typical Vietnamese high school

Working Hours

As previously mentioned, working hours are regular and based during the week. Most teachers can expect to arrive at their school from 7:30 AM and leave before 5 PM, with a long lunch break which includes nap time. During which time all students go home for lunch and a snooze. Many teachers will use this time to continue lesson planning for their week or will take on the true Viet lifestyle and catch some Zs.

Depending on the position, teachers will usually be responsible for teaching both English and a subject that they have specialized in. For example, if your degree is in science, you’ll probably end up teaching science in English! This scenario is more common in an International School than Public Schools.

Teaching jobs in Public and International Schools vary even more greatly than Language Centres. The position very much depends on what the school is seeking and what you’re qualified to teach. 

Salary For Public / International School Teachers

Much like working hours and teaching demands, salary for teachers in Public or International Schools is different depending on the teacher. Salaries are often determined on experience and qualification.

However, as a whole, salaries in such positions are usually generous and can often amount to more than a Private Language Centre. This is mostly due to the fact that working hours are longer and the job is often more demanding.

A teacher in a Public or International School will be required to design their own lesson plans to meet the curriculum provided. Time for marking should also be considered. Overall, this can be time-consuming and new teachers will find themselves setting aside hours outside of work to meet deadlines.

Teachers can expect to receive a monthly salary of between $1200-2000.

Getting around in Vietnam

The number one mode of transport in Vietnam, without a doubt, is a motorbike. It has been said that there are more motorbikes than residents in Vietnam. This is evident from the second you step off the plane. A motorbike is seen somewhat as a necessity to locals and expats alike.

Getting around on your own motorbike can give you the freedom to make the most of your time living and teaching here. Not only does it give you an opportunity to commute on your own terms, but it also allows you to explore on your days off. Making the most of the precious time you have in such a lush, vibrant and cultural country.

Petrol in Vietnam is also extremely affordable and a more viable option than getting taxis or grabs. Monthly rent on a motorbike is also low and many teachers will find themselves saving money by renting their own set of wheels.

Due to the demands of most teaching jobs, many teachers opt to use their own motorbike for commuting. It’s also a novelty that most don’t have back home. Many will find themselves attached to their motorbike by the time they leave Vietnam.

Rent A Bike have shops in all three of the top teaching destinations in Vietnam, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang. We offer high-quality rentals at affordable monthly prices, with ongoing support and complimentary services. 

smiling on a Honda scooter outside our shop

What's the BEST Teaching Job in Vietnam?

In summary, there really is no one ‘best’ teaching job in Vietnam. Every teacher is different and expects to gain different things from their experience teaching in Vietnam. Before a decision is made, the teacher should consider the following points:

  • Location (city, town, countryside, coastal)
  • Working hours and teaching demand
  • Class size – 16 students in a Language Centre or 20 to 50 students in a Public or International School
  • Lifestyle
  • Weather (north or south)


After taking all of the above into consideration, begin your job search online. Join teacher Facebook groups specific to the location you’re looking to teach in, advertise yourself and apply to centers online. These are some of the best ways you can find a teaching position in Vietnam before arriving in the country.

Good luck and happy job searching from the team at Rent A Bike!


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