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Buying Petrol in Vietnam

All our bikes will run on petrol straight from the petrol station. Just pull up by the pump and tell them how much you want! Most bikes won’t cost more than 100,000 Vietnamese Dong (VND) to fill: indeed, it’ll usually be a lot less. In fact, the simplest thing to do is just say, ‘day binh’, which means full tank or fill it up. Below are the Vietnamese words for a few different numbers, anyway, just in case you find yourself short of cash!


Take Care

It’s always best to use petrol from a petrol station, rather than from someone who’s selling it at the roadside: it’s of a higher quality, and is almost always cheaper. We do understand that in extreme cases it may be necessary to buy petrol on the roadside but it is best avoided. This petrol can be mixed with other liquids and can cause damage to your bike. It could also be dirty, or have water in it which may cause the engine to have trouble firing and then cause you problems.