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A beautiful lake in Soc Son

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Hanoi to Soc Son

Soc Son and Ham Lon Mountain have become very popular for those wishing to escape Hanoi and experience something of the country life. There are many small homestays, villas and restaurants now that cater to all manner of visitor. You can experience the simple life by camping or the more luxurious by staying in a modern villa. There is something for everyone and the choice is growing almost daily. 

With such a resource on our doorstep it is only reasonable that you might want to know the easiest and quickest way to get from Hanoi to Soc Son!

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Route 1 (Black)

This route takes you over Nhat Tan Bridge and then heads up to the airport. It is quite easy to find the bridge by heading North out of Hanoi either on Vo Chi Cong St or Au Co. Once you are over the bridge you will need to take care (if on a motorbike) to get off the highway after about 2 km.  Motorbikes are not permitted to take this route and will have to use the side road that runs alongside the highway. You take this road North for around 7 or 8 km. 

There is a little bit of a tricky junction here, if you are on a motorbike (route marked in RED on the map) so be careful. You will eventually end up on the same route as cars going past the airport. Keep the speed down and watch out for cops. 

Once you are past the airport you will need to cross over the CT05 and then turn right onto Duong 35. This will take you all the way to Thanh Lam and it is where you can then choose which area in Soc Son you wish to go to.

Route 2 (Blue)

This route will have you take the Thang Long Bridge. You may access this from Au Co or Pham Van Dong Rd (CT20). You then take Vo Van Kiet Rd to the airport junction, where you turn left and then follow either the RED or BLACK routes depending on where in Soc Son you plan to go.

Route 3 (Red)

This route can be accessed from either the Black or Blue routes above and is merely an alternative for anyone who wants to take a more meandering route for fun. 

You simply head a little further along the 2A and then take an unmarked road that goes under the CT05 and then winds its way past the golf club and, finally, to Dong Do Lake.

Places to Stop

There really isn’t much point in stopping on these routes as the journey will only take 1 to 1.5hrs. However, it may be a good idea to regroup briefly at certain points (major junctions) to make sure everyone is together. Of course, you can all just rendezvous at your final destination. 

Which bike to Choose

You can take any bike you like to Soc Son as the road is good, fast and mostly highway and main road. Your choice of bike will depend on what you plan to do there.

Semi-auto and Automatic bikes will be fine for general visiting and getting to the lake and the homestays that surround it as well as the camping site. A great choice that is very easy to drive is the Honda Future. 

Manual bikes such as the Winner and Honda Master will also be fine and as capable as the Semi-auto and Automatic bikes. However, if you plan to take the trails and the off-road, then you will need something more like the Honda XR150.

Rentabike has a wide range of bikes that are suitable for a trip to Soc Son. 

Vietnam Motorcycle Rentals: Honda Future - back right angle
Honda Future 125cc
Vietnam Motorcycle Rentals: Honda XR 150 - back right angle
Honda XR150

Driving Tips

This route will have you take the Thang Long Bridge. You may access this from Au Co or Pham Van Dong Rd (CT20). You then take Vo Van Kiet Rd to the airport junction, where you turn left and then follow either the RED or BLACK routes depending on where in Soc Son you plan to go.

Things to do

There are plenty of things to do in Soc Son. Some people want to get out into the countryside and trek, mountain bike, camp or drive the off road trails. Whereas, others want to chill out in a villa with a swimming pool and BBQ with the family. Yet others want to arrange parties in seclusion and away from the reach of the authorities in Hanoi. You can take a paddleboard or canoe out on the lakes or even just go for a dip, if you fancy. 

For those that are interested in trails, Alltrails may be a good start

There are a whole host of combinations that are possible, so just use your imagination and you’ll come up with the thing that suits you. 

Trekking on Núi Hàm Lợn

Where to Stay

If you plan to stay overnight in Soc Son, there are plenty of options to choose from. You will need to book in advance because, like Ba Vi, it is a very popular place. Also, like the choice of motorbike, you will probably want to choose your accommodation based on what you plan to do whilst you are there. Here we list a couple of places that we think are reasonable: 

Villa / Homestay

You can see plenty of places that are available for rent and you can use Google or AirBnB even to get in touch with them. Remember to try to book well in advance. It is a popular place. We like Moon Lake House and U Lesa

Moon Lake House swimming pool soc son


There are several campsites marked on the map and you can contact them through Google/FB to arrange equipment and food. Ho Dong Do website is a good place to start and has a range of equipment. They can also tell you the best spots for camping. Ham Lon Lake Campsite and Soc Son Mountain Campground are good. 

Camping in Soc Son

Where to buy Camping gear in hanoi

If you want to buy your own gear for camping or travelling there are a few different places in Hanoi that you can try. These are WeTrekUMove and FanFan amongst others. Most of these have online stores so ordering is quite easy. 

What to Eat

There is nothing that is really a Soc Son specialty and you will find that homestays will have more than enough choice to cater for you and your group. 

If you are planning to camp, you will need to take food with you and you will probably be cooking that on an open fire BBQ style. 

Sa Pa style BBQ by Jason Wong
Sa Pa style BBQ by Jason Wong

In a Nutshell

Soc Son is a great place to get away to for a day or two. A weekend trip can be a very easy alternative to another weekend stuck in Hanoi and a lot easier and cheaper than travelling further afield. It is easy to get to by yourself either in a car or on a motorbike or you can find a car with a driver (even a regular taxi) that will get you up there. So, do your research and get on your way. 

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