Cat Ba Island | Travel Guide

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Cat Ba islands are located in Hai Phong city, about 10 km southeast of Halong bay. It is the largest island in Ha Long Bay and approximately half of its area is covered by a National Park, which is home to the highly endangered Cat Ba Langur. Come to this beautiful island, visitors are not only bathed in cool blue beaches, but also can discover mysterious nature through primitive forests on the island. Cat Ba National Park is extensive 15,200 ha of tropical forests with system-wide 570 ha rich flora and fauna, the species characteristic white head and Kim Giao trees. 

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Cat Ba

You can reach Cat Ba Island from Hanoi by riding to Hai Phong on Road 5 and then put your motorbikes on the high-speed boat from Binh wharf in Hai Phong city to Cai Vieng wharf in Cat Ba island. Jump on motorbikes again to explore Cat Ba National Park on a beautiful road across the island until reaching Cat Ba town. Cat Ba is perfect for exploration by motorbike. Navigation through the spectacular limestone mountains is easy. The roads are in good condition and traffic is light. All the places listed in Cat Ba see and do suggestions can be accessed by motorbike. If you want to see a map of Cat Ba itself to plan your exploring.

little boat being tugged behind a bigger one in Ha Long Bay, near Cat Ba Island
little boat being tugged behind a bigger one in Ha Long Bay, near Cat Ba Island

When to go?

The weather is the most appealing during the months of October and November. During this time, Vietnam is beginning to come out of its monsoon season of both heavy rain, tropical storms, and heat. Around this time, Cat Ba island weather is cooler with less rain as the winter season begins creeping up. However, it is still advised that you bring both your sunblock and a raincoat. Clouds can roll over at any time with a short downfall for about thirty minutes while you are doing your site seeing. The sunblock is to ensure you are protected from the sun at all times because the summers are getting longer and the UV rays are getting stronger. If you forgot yours, don’t stress. there are many shops and vendors that will be happy to supply all the skin protection such as hats and sunblock.

sunset on Cat Ba Island
sunset on Cat Ba Island

What to do on Cat Ba Island?

Cat Ba Island has become a popular getaway for Vietnamese travelers and expats alike. It is popular because of its accessibility from Hanoi as well as the things you can do on the island. There are many options for boat tours of Cat Ba or a booze cruise along the beautiful beaches. When you are on the beach there is so much to do. You can go kayaking and hiking on the secluded beaches and when it comes to accommodation on the beaches and Cat Ba town, you have the option to stay in homestays, hostels or some luxury hotels. If you are staying on the island and feel like moving your feet after relaxing on the beaches all day, there are some great Cat Ba Island parties to check out and have a cocktail and boogy. For all the details of what to see and do, you can click here for more in-depth information.

Ha Long Bay in the early evening
Ha Long Bay in the early evening

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