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How it began

Back in 2019, we decided that it was time for us to give a little back to the community. So, we spoke to Blue Dragon Vietnam and asked what we could do. Their very simple response was, ‘donate money without strings attached.’ 

We were also told that it was possible to support different aspects of their work. After a little discussion, we chose to give a percentage of the cost of every motorcycle we rent out to Blue Dragon and asked for it to fund 2 different projects. The first was the Hanoi street children project and the second was to help fund vocational training for young females in Dien Bien Phu province. 

As a parent, it wasn’t hard to make the decision due to the understanding of how innocent these young people are and how damaging these situations are for them. It was too simple to do, so we did it!

Blue Dragon staff talking with street kids in Hanoi
Blue Dragon staff talking with street kids in Hanoi

Who Are Blue Dragon Vietnam? What do They Do?

Blue Dragon Vietnam is one of the most well-known charities in the country. They are active throughout the country and do a great deal of work helping people in need. Take a look at their website, Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, to get involved!

Saving Children in Forced Labour

Blue Dragon rescue children from slavery and get them home where they belong. Many times these youngsters are lured by friends or even family into desperate situations on the promise of a job or career. On top of this, they try to break the cycle by educating the communities where this happens.

Helping Victims of Sex-Trafficking

Young people of both genders can fall prey to this abuse. Those who have been sold and trafficked, often across borders, are found and brought home. This is usually a much more violent and harrowing ordeal that can leave physical and mental scars for life. These poor women are then given counselling and legal representation.

Giving Shelter and Guidance to Street Kids

 Blue Dragon helps to get these kids off the streets and back to their families where possible. There are uncountable reasons for young people to slip through the cracks and Blue Dragon tries to provide the safety net to catch as many as they can. They regularly patrol the streets offering support and guidance. When possible, they also provide long-term care, education and training.

Improving the Lives of Disabled Children

 Children who have disabilities are given physical therapy along with counselling, nutritious meals and access to education. Very often these children are seen as broken and useless, nothing but a burden and this can be extremely damaging to them. Both their physical and mental health are targeted and improved.

To Date, Blue Dragon Have:

Blue Dragon rescues human trafficking victims
Blue Dragon rescues human trafficking victims
helping a girl get registered with the government
helping a girl get registered with the government

Our Commitment to Blue Dragon Vietnam

Even throughout the COVID times that have seen many businesses reel back their support, we have continued to donate. In fact, this year, 2022, we have decided to increase our donation to Blue Dragon Vietnam, simply because we feel there are more people than ever that are hurting. 

We are locked in for 2022 and have no intention of shirking our community responsibility.


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