Tom, vietnam coracle on his bike stavros

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Why Rentabike supports Vietnam Coracle

At Rentabike, we’ve spent years exploring, and supplying people with practical information for their adventures in Vietnam. We’ve got loads of motorbike tour itineraries, guides to the country’s best destinations and national parks and much more! Here, though, we just wanted to tell you a bit about Vietnam Coracle. It’s another fantastic online resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Vietnam or is preparing to travel the country.

Tom, vietnam coracle on his bike stavros

Who runs Vietnam Coracle?

The site is run by Tom Divers, an English guy who has lived and worked in Vietnam since 2005. He loves travelling and began documenting his trips. This turned into his personal blog and as it grew he realised just how many people there are out there with the same desire to explore this awesome country. Vietnam Coracle is a really useful source of information and inspiration and, pretty much since it was first set up, we’ve been following along with interest to see where he’ll go next.  You can learn more about Tom in an interview with Vietnam Coracle or in this podcast.

What is it about?

The content is Tom’s opinion based on his experience travelling as so many of us do: on a bike (Tom’s named his Stavros) without a fixed itinerary. He publishes his notes on places of interest, sites to stop at, locations of food, mechanics and accommodation and he’s got loads of articles on the local culture, too. We love his content so much that we’ve asked him to guest blog for us on multiple occasions—his trip expense guide remains one of our favourite posts. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re coming to visit or already living here! 

Vietnam Coracle Stavros the bike
Stavros is Tom's trusty steed and has taken him all over Vietnam

What areas does it cover?

Articles on the site cover the North and the South of the country, but Tom is based in Saigon so we don’t see him up here as much as we would like. Whenever he does come this way, we try to get in touch and talk routes because it is great to share tales and knowledge with like-minded individuals. If you would like to find out more and have some help with route planning, get in touch.  

What does it cost?

Nothing! The site is a free resource for travellers to Vietnam without any sponsored content. I remember the discussion Tom and I had many years ago when I thought he should monetize and he was dead against it. Chapeau. You can support him on Patreon or he outlines several ways in which you can help on Vietnam Coracle Support Page. He does earn income through some paid advertising, but this is only enough to keep the site running and updated. 

How long have RentABike supported the site?

So, we support Vietnam Coracle and refer as many people as we can to the site. I have followed Tom since I can’t remember when, actually, but I do know that we began to advertise with him in around 2015 or so. I’ve always wanted him to get something back for all the work he has put in and to be able to continue doing what he does so well. Hopefully, Coracle will get a few more hits coming from us and this will be an advantage. 

Why go there?

You should visit the site and see what it has to offer. Personally, it is the route maps that I suggest you view as they IMHO are the most useful content. You can find them on the ‘Motorbike Guides‘ page.  We also have route maps on our ‘RentABike Tours‘ pages,  which are a lot simpler versions (they are purely route maps). Or, it might interest you to find out more about the flora and fauna, get book recommendations, learn more about food and drink. Just be careful—it’s easy to get sucked in.

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