Ba Vi National Park – Day trip/Overnight trip

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Ba Vi National Park is only 60 km away from Hanoi and is a great place to escape the oppressive heat of the city. You can drive out and back in one day and still have time to explore. You also have the option to stay overnight and experience everything the park has to offer as well as Ba Vi itself.

Originally built by the French in the colonial era as a hill station, it spans the Ba Vi mountain range and has three peaks: Vua Peak, Tan Vien Peak and Ngoc Hoa Peak at 1,296m, 1,226m and 1,120m respectively. It is home to both tropical and subtropical plants and animals. Clouds often surround the three peaks, which makes the climb charmingly mysterious. There might be some clouds at the top during certain times of the year so if you are interested in the view of the Red River Valley, it is best to visit between April and December.

The main attraction in Ba Vi National Park is the temple to the Mountain God, a 30min climb on Tan Vien Peak. There is an orchid garden and a bird garden as well as several resorts. You can swim in resort pools or in natural streams, camp, visit farm animals, or hike the trails. There really is something for everyone. 

Ba Vi National Park
Swimming waterfalls in the Ba Vi National Park.

You can easily reach the park in two hours but for safety reasons we suggest taking an extra hour by driving slowly, stopping more and enjoy the drive out to Ba Vi. Our route map offers two different routes, which you can easily combine to make a loop and avoid repetition of the route. When you arrive in Ba Vi, your homestay or hotel will have a brochure and map of the area. 

Ba Vi National Park: Route Map

We have created the routes in google maps for you already. You just have to choose between routes 1 or 2 and click navigate. We advise you to read our suggestions on each route below to make a decision on which route will be better suited for you. We have also added some important stops and things to see on your drive. Click Below!

Route 1: 60 km, 2-3 hours

This route is slightly shorter than the second route in distance but takes a little more time. It takes you along the busy QL32, which is not for the faint-hearted, nor the beginner driver.


Head north out of Hanoi and under the Nhat Tan and Thang Long bridges as you wind along the red riverside – Drive on to QL32 as you head for Son Tay – From then on, the road is a little quieter and you have around 15 km to go until you hit the Ba Vi National Park gates.  

It is worth stopping off at Son Tay and having a rest in one of the cafes around the old fortress. It is not as exciting as Ba Vi National Park but it is just a little something you can tick off that box. 

Ba Vi National Park

Route 2: 65 km, 2-2.5hrs.

This route is also easier to follow. and longer, however, it is our preferred route as we feel it is less hectic and you are separated from trucks and cars along the Hoa Lac Highway. This makes up around half of the distance and we feel it is a bit safer. Don’t forget always be cautious. The dangers of driving on this route are still very real.  


From our shop you can follow the road around West Lake until you meet the junction with Van Cao St. Then you turn right and head South West. You keep straight on Van Cao, then drive on to Nguyen Chi Thanh St until you meet the Hoa Lac Highway (CT08). At this point you will see that motorbikes are not allowed on this road and you will be signposted to bear right and onto the side road away from the cars.

Head for Hoa Lac and you will go past Chua Thay. Chua Thay is a good place to stop for an hour or two and explore. As you get to Hoa Lac you will see that you can join the highway (CT08) again and take the bridge over the QL21.  This is also a good place to stop as there are lots of cafes and restaurants.

You will see the road bear North and in about two kilometers there is a left turn onto the new Hoa Lac Hoa Binh Highway. Do not take this, keep on this road until the T-Junction with the DT87. After only 500m on the DT87 you will see the left turn to take you to Ba Vi National Park.

Ba Vi National Park
Ba Vi National Park

Where To Stay?

The park and surrounding area are very popular with tourists and locals, especially in the summer months. Therefore, we suggest calling ahead to make sure there is room for your group.

There are several resorts within Ba Vi National Park that you can stay at. These cater for couples or wealthier Vietnamese people. If you want to stay somewhere on a budget you might choose Thien Son resort which has a great pool. For a more kid-friendly place, you can choose Ba Vi homestead which offers a range of farm and camping activities for kids.

Motorbike Rental

You can take any of our bikes except for the Honda Cub or the Yamaha Mio for this trip. We have Automatic, Semi-automatic, and Manual bikes such as the for you to choose from and prices range from $7 to $35 per day. You can see our range of bikes here:

Contract / Deposit

We ask that you fill out a contract that is also the terms and conditions. You can see this here. The deposit for a short term rental is EITHER 500USD cash or credit charge OR an original passport with an entry stamp and visa.  



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