Ba Be National Park Travel Guide

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Why Visit Ba Be National Park?

As Vietnam’s eighth national park in 1992 and covering an area of about one hundred square kilometers, Ba Be is a region of astounding beauty, from the lush vegetation, mirrored in the lake’s still waters to towering limestone pinnacles that reach over 1500m. Ba Be National Park is in Bac Kan province not far from the borders of Cao Bang province and Tuyen Quang province.

The lakes are 280km from Hanoi, 61km from Bac Kan and 18km from Cho Ra. Within 2 – 3 days, you will be able to enjoy sightseeing to beautiful ethnic villages in the region around the national park; this will be via an easy bike ride from the local village where you are having your homestay. There will also be a tranquil boat trip on Ba Be Lake and the River Nang to view romantic and imposing landscape.


Renting Cars

Most visitors to the Ba Be national park get there by car from Hanoi. The one-way journey from Hanoi to Ba Be takes about six hours; most travelers allow three days and two nights for the trip.

Public Transport

Reaching the park by public transport is possible, but not easy. There no direct bus to Ba Be Park. You can take a bus to Bac Kan at My Dinh bus station and hop off at Cho Ra town (it will take you about five hours). In Cho Ra, you arrange a motorbike (about 50,000VND) to cover the last 16km to Ba Be. You can stay in Ba Be guest house or homestay inside the park.

Thuong Nga bus
Thuong Nga bus


Ba Be National Park By Motorbike

This motorbike trip will take you from the hectic roads of Hanoi to winding rural trail of Ba Be National Park where you can experience the unspoiled natural beauty and authentic, traditional villages.


After 100 km from the city center, you will ride on the small and winding road through the forest and mountains. It takes almost one day by motorcycle riding. Some roads are tough and easy to get lost so you need to be well-prepared. After a one-day motorbike ride, you will be in the heart of the biggest National Park in northeast Vietnam – Ba Be. You can spend 1,2 or 3 days here to discover the Ba Be lake – the largest natural lake in Vietnam, to do trekking in the park, motorbike ride around to see the villages of the hill tribes and to visit some “off-the-beaten” limestone caves.

If you need to rent bikes for the trip, please contact us! We have a range of bikes for touring.

When To Go To?

The best time to visit Ba Be Lake is during the dry season of Late October until May (winter and spring). In the wet season, the Ba Be lake takes up water from the Nang River and becomes regularly flooded. If you travel at the time of Long Tong Festival on the 10th and 11th days of the first lunar month, there are traditional games and performances of surrounding ethnic tribal groups.

What To Do?

Ba Be National Park Map
Ba Be National Park Tourist Map


Visitors to Ba Be National Park have their choice of a variety of experiences — lazy boat tours on the lakes, treks to caves and waterfalls, homestays in minority villages and kayaking trips through the park. The park also boasts surprising biodiversity, with some 550 plant species, 65 species of mammals, 353 butterflies, 233 birds, and more than 100 types of fish. While some of the wildlife can be quite shy and difficult to spot, it’s common to see macaque monkeys, colorful parrots, and herons near the banks of the lake.

Ba Be Lake
Ba Be Lake – Photo by Shauna Niall


Highlights of Ba Be National Park are peaceful boat trips on the lake, visits to nearby tourist spots such as Puong Cave and Dau Dang Waterfall and trekking to minority villages. Basic homestay in villages in the park is also a great experience. Further north of Ba Be is Cao Bang Province, a remote area where you can see an authentic ethnic minority lifestyle as well as the famous Ban Gioc Waterfall. Ba Be national park maps are available in the area.

Where To Stay?

There is no hotel inside Ba Be National Park but there are many homestays. All the accommodations in Ba Be National Park are safe and security certificates by the government! The Tay people are very friendly and always welcome you!

A popular homestay in Ba Be: Mr. Linh’s Homestay. Located outside of the main village on a quiet street, Mr. Linh’s Homestay is a luxury style homestay. Clean, modern, new mattresses, hot water. Good food is available. You can also book lake tours and ethnic minority village treks. Free wifi. Mr. Linh also has a budget homestay in the village.

Mr Linh's Homestay Double Room
Mr Linh’s Homestay Double Room

MAPS: Hanoi – Ba Be National Park

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Rent a bike services
Rent a Bike services