Located in Xuan Son commune, Thanh Son district, Phu Tho province, Xuan Son National Park is a perfect pick for those who are interested in discovering the pristine beauty of Mother Nature, the pure atmosphere of forests and mountains as well as the unique culture of ethnic minority groups.

Only 150km from Hanoi, Xuan Son National Park is relatively unknown is incredible. The roads are fairly good and the mountains are breathtaking. The national park lies right at the end of Hoang Lien Son range, gateway of Northwestern. Being considered as the most outstanding natural tourism potential of Phu Tho, Xuan Son National Park deserves to be one of unique natural heritages of the nation. Pristine beauty along with great efforts in conservation contributes to create an appealing picture for travelers who enjoy exploring beauty of nature.

With pure water and clean air, temperatures in Xuan Son average 22-23 degrees Celsius all year round. During a 24-hour period in the park, tourists may experience the four seasons: the morning is as cool as spring, noon is as warm as summer, the wind in the afternoon is as gentle as that in autumn and the evening can be a little cold like winter.

Xuan Son National Park covers more than 15,000 hectares. It is the 12th largest national park in Vietnam with 84 percent forest coverage so it is the green lung and attractive hotspot of the northwest region. According to initial statistics, Xuan Son National Park has 726 vascular species of higher plant belonging to 475 genera and 134 species of which 52 species of conifer branch.

In addition to the appeal of rich flora and fauna system, Xuan Son also has many wonderful natural landscapes. There exist here three peaks of above 1,000m high which are Mount Elephant, Mount Ten and Mount Can with hundreds of caves and streams such as Lap, Thang streams; together with waterfalls of over 50m high, covering caves, rocks swirling with silver cascade and blue color of ancient jungle contribute to create spectacular and dreaming scenery.

Xuan Son National Park has up to 16 limestone of large size due to weathered and watered process, with beautiful and diversified stalactites which creates the difference everywhere; streams flowing over caves make it more charming trailing along Lang village to Lap and Coi villages, in which, the longest cave has a length of 6,000m, spacious grotto heart with 20m high in some positions which can accommodate several hundred of people. Each cave is associated with a thrilling legend of thousand years narrated by tribesmen. Running along the cave bottom is a large stream with many big and rare fresh water fishes.

Residential community in Xuan Son has almost 30 thousand people, living the scattered clusters of village, including Muong and Dao minorities. Due to difficulty in traffic, ethnic people here are still pretty primitive and unique with lifestyle featuring strong traditional culture.

Visiting Xuan Son National Park, tourists can feel the intrinsic beauty of nature as the site has not yet been affected by tourism activities. Everywhere in the park is covered with the green color of many layers of trees. Houses on stilts underneath shady trees, the murmuring sound of brooks, together with the scent of newly-harvested rice bring visitors to a land of purity.

Not only having an opportunity to witness the picturesque scenery, visitors to Xuan Son are also invited to taste delicious indigenous dishes cooked by local people. Must-try specialities are ‘sang’ vegetable, wild boar and six-spur cock, which appeared in the legendary story “Son Tinh – Thuy Tinh” (the God of Mountain and the God of Water).

With the foregoing huge potential, Xuan Son is favorable to develop diversifying forms of tourism attracting tourists such as resort, sightseeing, research, and climbing, caving and exploring culture of ethnic minorities. Xuan Son National Park can surely become a popular destination for eco-tourism and a lively outdoor museum.