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Welcome to Rent A Bike Vietnam

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Welcome to Rent A Bike!

Hopefully, you are healthy and well at this time. We hope that you are not experiencing too much difficulty and are managing to help stop the spread by practicing social distancing. At Rent A Bike we have limited services and aim to make the best compromise between serving our customers and preventing the spread of the virus.

Our History

We first started renting bikes back in 2004. It was funny, as Danny had just read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ and was trying to think of things to buy that made money or ways to make money when his house mate asked him where to rent a bike. In that moment, he decided to rent the bike he had just bought, a Honda Wave Alpha, and to buy another one for himself.

From this humble beginning, a whole new company and a changed way of life resulted.

Honda Wave Alpha - back left angle
Our first bike was very much like this one.

The housemate is long gone and, unfortunately for us, so is that bike. It was stolen! However, Danny does still keep the blue card as a momento of the company’s origins.

Now, over 15 years on, we are still renting out bikes, and have expanded over three major cities and cater for long term and short term rentals on a wide range of bikes. We offer rider training for new riders or those wishing to move from auto to semi or to manual. We have built a reputation for honesty and integrity and a willingness to help our customers in difficult situations.



At RentABike we like to do as much as we can to help our customers. We find that there are a few things that are new to people as they sometimes have little experience of Vietnam, motorbikes or both. 

As a welcome gesture we have put together a few resources that you may find useful. Please take a look at these. Below, we’ve got some fantastic info if you’re just getting started riding in Vietnam. Additionally, if you’re looking for info on Vietnam, or are planning a motorbike tour, you should check out our blog and our lists of tour itineraries, all of which can be accessed via the menu on this website.


how to ride a motorbike


how to deal with the police in Vietnam

Riding Tips

tips from a long-term expat


where to get petrol, and how to ask for it


where to park, and where not to park

The Blue Dragon Foundation

We actively support the work that Blue Dragon Foundation are doing. They’re an awesome local charity working to help children experiencing a variety of different difficulties. The scope is so broad that we focus on human trafficking.  They work in many other areas and we encourage you to support them. You can learn more about them by visiting their website, or by downloading one of the leaflets below.

Happy Customers

These guys were happy with us but we know that we are not perfect; we do make mistakes. We want to learn from any mistakes or weaknesses and turn them in to strengths. This can only be done with your assistance so please get in touch if something seems wrong.

Can we Improve?

Please let us know if you think there is something that we can improve on. We are not perfect; we do make mistakes. We want to learn from any mistakes or weaknesses and turn them in to strengths. This can only be done with your assistance.

Additionally, if you could spare the time to send me a short email, with any comments, or leave a review using one of the below links, I would really appreciate it. This will help future customers learn more about what we do and what we stand for as a company in Vietnam.

Help Us to Help You

We hope you have a fun and SAFE motorbike experience in Vietnam. Let us know what you are planning to do as we can usually help. Whether it be taking short or long trips throughout the countryside or where to park your bike, get petrol, we probably have an answer.

Drive Safely,

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