Trip Report: Dave's Black River Loop

Hanoi - Pu Luong - Mai Chau - Hanoi

Ride Details

440 km
3 Days 2 Nights
Dec 2022

Group Info

We took a tour around the Black River and the Hoa Binh Dam and went to some beautiful homestays tucked away in little valleys. You would never know you were so close to Hanoi. It was a perfect break!
Two XR150s waiting for the ferry man on the Black River in Hoa Binh

Day 1: Hanoi - Son Tay - Hoa Binh - Pu Luong

190 km
6 hours
Tarmac road, 90% Small dt road
Hot, Sunny, 38C
We took the longer route out of town today because it was quieter, then we went down the banks of the Black River to Hoa Binh and over to Pu Luong. It was a really good day to get used the bikes and the roads.
We stopped at the Hoa Binh Dam for a drink and then took the Thung Nai road through to the Pu Bin road. There were lots of friendly locals and it was a fun drive.
Black River Loop Dave on an easy water crossing

Day 2: Pu Luong - Da Bac

100 km
5 hours
Small back roads, minimal highway
Hot, Sunny, 38C
We headed over to the bat cave in Kho Muong before passing through Mai Chau and up to Go Lao waterfall. We then hailed a ferry and went over to Da Bac. The drive up into the hills around Sung Village. was great and we got some really good views of the lake.
The highlights were looking around the bat cave and the ferry crossing as it was a nice chance to get off the bikes and then the drive up into the hills gave us some great views of the lake.
Black River Loop Cptn Dave and the XRs looking over hoa binh lake

Day 3: Da Bac - Hanoi

150 km
6 hours
Small dt road, minimal highway
Hot, Sunny, Beautiful day, Rain for last 50km
This was a great day getting back from Da Bac along the banks of the Hoa Binh lake dam. We took the small roads around Hoa Binh and then ferry to cross the Black River. We skirted around Son Tay and took the small winding roads back into Hanoi. This way we could avoid the traffic and still get home in time for beer.
We then took the small winding roads around Son Tay and Duong Lam back into Hanoi. This way we could avoid the traffic and still get home in time for beer.



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