5 Day Ha Giang Loop

Hanoi - Ha Giang - Yen Minh - Dong Van - Meo Vac - Du Gia - Ha Giang - Hanoi

Ha Giang Loop: 5 Day Motorcycle Tour

Hanoi - Ha Giang - Yen Minh - Dong Van - Meo Vac - Du Gia - Ha Giang - Hanoi

XR on a Ledge in Ha Giang

Tour Info

We do not spend 8 hours driving ourselves up on the highway to get to Ha Giang. We take a comfortable VIP bus and drive through the night. This way we get a little sleep and can enjoy our first full day of riding. 


The route distances and times are for direct routes so those that wish to stop and visit sites will need to add some time for this. Those who wish to take the detour routes on the rougher tracks will also need to add plenty of time. As you can see, every day we have ample time to do whatever we wish and are never going to be in a rush or driving in the dark on dangerous roads. 


We can make this a very rugged tour taking the H’Mong highways through the mountains or one that is easy driving with lots of pit stops. You call the shots, so just let us know what you like. 


We strongly recommend spending more time up here than the average tourist because there is so much to see and it is such a unique place.  


With 5 days you can see and do a lot in this areas. Remember that travelling in Vietnam often takes much longer than back home. We cannot travel too for or too quickly in the mountains so we need more time. Also, it takes so long to get to and from Ha Giang Province itself. You should start to feel satisfied that you have seen all you want to see in 5 days but you will still want to come back for more.  


It is guaranteed that you will enjoy your time up here whether you are interested in the geography, historical sites or the people.

(This map’s just to give you an idea: your tour guide will take you on all sorts of roads you can’t find on the map!)


  • see the best mountain scenery in all of Vietnam
  • visit the Dong Van Geopark
  • meet many ethnic people: Thai, H’Mong, Lo Lo, Dao, and Nung amongst others 
  • feast on delicious home-cooked meals
  • take smaller routes through less populated areas
  • visit interesting sights such as, Lung Cu Flagpole, Dong Van Fortress and Ma Pi Leng Pass to name a few
  • see colourful local markets in the area

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Honda XR 150 - front right angle

Honda XR

150cc Dual Sport

Honda Future - front right angle

Honda Future

125cc Semi-Auto

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