2-4 Day Tours

Get Off the Beaten Track

a wee Mai Chau mountain pass

Hidden Valley

Ha Noi – Mai Chau - Ha Noi

This looks like an easy loop and a well worn tourist route. However, we get you off that route and onto some of the smaller roads where you can see vietnamese life in full swing, the good and the bad. We need to take care of the traffic as we are still close to the capital but we do try to get onto the quieter / safer roads quickly. This tour is accessible by everyone who can drive and can be spiced up a little for those in search of adventure.

helmet on a Honda XR 150, on the Hoa Binh Lakeside Road

Northern Shore

Ha Noi – Da Bac - Ha Noi

The Northern Shore, as I like to name it, is not visited in any way as frequently as the are to the south of the Hoa Binh Lake. This makes it far more interesting for us as we get to see places that others do not and ride on roads that are quieter where the locals are less jaded by tourists. We can stay in local villages that ar epart of a community based tourism scheme, which means our tour gives directly to the locals and helps them build a future. It is an easy tour, accessible by everyone who can ride and is willing to seek out a little adventure.

rice paddies in Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Black River Loop

Ha Noi – Da Bac - Pu Luong - Ha Noi

A great route out to the lesser-visited northern shore of Hoa Binh Lake. We can stop to take in the Hoa Binh dam as well as get on a few smaller dirt tracks. We end up in the hills of Da Bac and then the Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Both areas are quiet and very scenic. This is a tour accessible to all and one that everyone will enjoy.

entering Mai Chau Town on a Honda XR

Two Valleys

Ha Noi – Mai Chau - Pu Luong - Ha Noi

This is a wonderful tour that allows us to get to two of the most popular destinations on northern Vietnam. The roads are tarmac and range from highway to small lanes. There is the chance to take some lesser used roads if you feel Luke it and we can extend the loops a little to get to some more it of the way places. Perfect for those who are uneasy off road but still want to get to some out of the way places.