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Northern Shore
The best way to experience Hoa Binh Lake.


2 Days, 1 Night
290 km
Pillions Welcome


The Northern Shore, as I like to name it, is not visited in any way as frequently as the are to the south of the Hoa Binh Lake. This makes it far more interesting for us as we get to see places that others do not and ride on roads that are quieter where the locals are less jaded by tourists. We can stay in local villages that are part of a community based tourism scheme, which means our tour gives directly to the locals and helps them build a future. It is an easy tour, accessible by everyone who can ride and is willing to seek out a little adventure.

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4 riders
Hoa Binh Lake from the mountains
140 km
5 hours
Hoa Binh Dam; lakeside road; Thai or Dao village
We take the longer, more scenic route to get out of Hanoi and get used to the bikes. Following the Red and then Black Rivers before heading into the hills. We can cross the Black River early and then wind our way down to Hoa Binh on quieter roads before take the lake road to our homestay. We have the choice of staying on the lake with the Thai People or up in the hills with the Dao. This is partly your call and partly down to the weather (sometimes landslides block the road).


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