Highland Flyer
Ride south on the Ho Chi Minh Highway.
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Hanoi to HCMC
15 Days, 14 Nights
1800 km
Pillions Welcome


Ride the Ho Chi Minh Highway, skirting Vietnam's borders with Laos and Cambodia, through the Central Highlands and down to Saigon. Winding mountain roads, military history, hill tribe villages—this motorcycle tour takes you through Vietnam's most untouched regions.

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4 riders
180 km
6 hours
Hoa Binh back roads; Hoa Binh Dam; Pu luong Nature Reserve
We take the longer, more scenic route to get out of Hanoi and get used to the bikes. Following the Red and then Black Rivers before heading into the hills. We enter the lush Pu Luong Valley and stay in the more remote area away from the crowds.
rice paddies in Pu Luong Nature Reserve
210 km
7 hours
Ho Chi Minh Trail
This is one of our longest days but it is not a difficult one. We head out of the nature reserve and then dead South along the QL15. we can take a couple of detours on smaller roads, time permitting but this is very much a day of getting to our destination. We end up in the tiny town of Tan Ky which is the start of the Ho Chi Minh trail. Our hotel is the biggest in town, very easy to find, and we eat in local restaurants on the roadside. Note: The food is good and clean.
fun wee road in Mai Chau
260 km
6 hours
Ho Chi Minh Trail
We are now on the HCM Highway proper and things start to get more spectacular. It is a very long run down to Phong Nha so we have to be up and at ‘em early. So, an early breakfast and it is on the road toute suite. We follow the highway along the border with Laos and then around lunchtime we head a little West, more into the hills. There are lots of switchbacks as the road winds its way through the hills and this makes for great driving.
lying in hammocks in Pu Luong Holiday
chilling in Phong Nha; various caves, lakes and back roads
After a few long days in the saddle, it is time for a welcome break. There are plenty of alternatives here in Phong Nha and you can choose from visiting the caves, zip-lining, taking a boat on the river, or just lounging around in the sun. Remember, to get some washing done.
Khe Sanh Combat Base by Paul Mannix
230 km
6 hours
Ho Chi Minh Trail; Khe Sanh Combat Base
We continue along the HCM Highway through the hills and it is more of the same. However, it doesn’t seem to get tiresome. The road winds through virgin forest and gets quite remote at times. We have enough fuel and a good mechanic so we are not concerned by this at all. You will see small hamlets occasionally and a few friendly children. Other than this, we are quite alone. At last. Khe Sanh is littered with military history and with luck we will have a little time to visit one or two places.
a tourist entering the temple in Hue
175 km
5 hours
beaches, tombs and historical sites in the Ancient Capital, Hue; Ho Chi Minh Trail
some little boats in Hoi An Ancient Town
150 km
5 hours
Hai Van Pass; Hoi An Ancient Town; Lang Co Beach
There are three possible options for the route today, but, again, we know that everyone will choose to take the Hai Van pass because of its history and its wonderful views over the East Sea. It is not far, so we have plenty of time to stop off for selfies and snacks and to generally enjoy the ride. To top that off, we then find ourselves in Hoi An, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam; for good reason.
lanterns in Hoi An
Hoi An Ancient Town; UNESCO World Heritage Site
Being a very popular tourist spot, there is plenty to see and do in Hoi An. It is a place where you can chill on the beach, or better still, wander through the old town and eat either seafood or some of the unique street food served there. You can let us know your preference for a beach hotel or one in the old town.
roadside stall selling construction tools in bao lac ha giang
280 km
8 hours
border road; Ho Chi Minh Trail
It is back westwards and up into the hills today as we get back on to the Ho Chi Minh Highway. This route takes us to meeting point of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and runs through some pretty remote areas. For the first half were are flanked on both sides by steep mountains and then we come out on to the Dak To valley and heading towards Kon Tum. It’s a long today but fast driving so it isn’t too challenging.