High to Low
Huge mountains. Gorgeous coastline.
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Vietnam Motorcycle Tour Map - 11 Day High to Low - Rentabike Vietnam - White


Hanoi to Danang
11 Days, 10 Nights
1500 km
Pillions Welcome


An overnight bus from Hanoi will take you to Sa Pa, where you'll begin your adventure. Ride from the mountains of Sa Pa down into the Red River Delta, then back up into the hills and the Laos border, where you'll follow the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Meet and stay with people from the local hill tribes, check out remnants of the Vietnam War, then continue down onto the coast and to your destination, the beach city of Danang.

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the cable car leading to the top of Fansipan Mountain
70 km
4 hours (+ 6 hour bus ride)
Sa Pa Valley
We take a private VIP bus up to Bao Ha where we meet our bikes. Then, we take the back route up to Sa Pa to avoid the traffic and mayhem of the main road. We can stay in the valley or choose to stay in town (if we plan on going up Fansipan). This is a mellow introduction to driving in Vietnam and a good day for getting used to the bikes.
the O Quy Ho mountain pass near Sapa
200 km
8 hours
O Quy Ho Pass; Fansipan Mountain; Mu Cang Chai rice terraces; Ngoc Chien Hot Springs
We head out of Sa Pa past Silver Waterfall and down the O Quy Ho Pass. Today sees us travel on the QL32 which is one of the best roads in the North due to the beautiful rice terracing. There is some traffic but it does not distract and there are plenty of fun pit stops to be had. We turn off and head down to Ngoc Chien, the site of an old French fortress and some interesting hot springs.
Ta Xua, Lu Tre Homestay - looking back at the concrete path to the ancient tea forest
220 km
8 hours
Tram Tau Valley; Ta Xua Nature Reserve
We get back on to the QL32 and head for Phu Yen. We need to pass Phu Luong Mountain and Ta Xua Nature Reserve. We can take a very adventurous detour but this is only for expert riders. Phu Yen is a sleepy town but we stay in a great hotel in the centre where all the ‘action’ is.
fun wee road in Mai Chau, North Vietnam
200 km
7 hours
Van Yen ferry crossing; Mai Chau Valley; Pu Luong Nature Reserve
A long day today we need to head down to the Black River and then up on to the Moc Chau Plateau from where we head into the Mai Chau and then Pu Luong Valleys. We will see a wide range of geography due to the change in elevations and also several different ethnic groups will be represented. We overnight in a secluded homestay tucked half way up a hill and feast on delicious home cooked food.
Pu Bin Village, Mai Chau
210 km
7 hours
Ho Chi Minh Trail
This is a section of road that we just need to get our heads down as it is through some relatively flat land. We do get off the main road and use the smaller ones for interest but we need to be cautious of time as we have a long way to go. We end up in Tan Ky, which is the start on the Ho Chi Minh Trail and we can take our photo by the milestone for this.
the forests of Mu Cang Chai
260 km
6 hours
Ho Chi Minh Trail
Now, we get on to the Ho Chi Minh Trail proper and head into the hills. It is a great drive and one that passes quickly even though it is long. We are now getting into the least populated areas of Vietnam and we need to prepare accordingly. Luckily, our fuel tanks are big enough and we have spare parts.
take the time to find some gorgeous swimming spots between Phong Nha & Pheo
various caves, lakes and back roads; chilling in Phong Nha
This is a day to get off the bike and have a well needed rest. It also means it is possible to take advantage of Phong Nha’s entertainment be it Hiking, Kayaking, Caving, ziplining… You cold take a trip to Dong Hoi to see the beach and sand dunes, or you may (like me) just wish to chill out by the pool.
Khe Sanh Combat Base by Paul Mannix
230 km
6 hours
Ho Chi Minh Trail; war remnants in Khe Sanh Combat Base
It is back on to the Ho Chi Minh Trail (west) and we head down to Khe Sanh, the site of the old military air base. We pass the base and head straight into town to look around and get to our hotel. The road is much the same as yesterday and we make sure the bikes are in tip top condition before we head out.
a tourist entering the temple in Hue
175 km
5 hours
Ho Chi Minh Trail; Walking Street in Hue
We head further South and on to Hue today. We have time to look around at a few sites in Khe Sanh if we wish and if we get up early. However, the road continues through the jungle and that is where we should spend most of our time. It is very much over the hills into the A Luoi Valley and then over the hills into Hue.
American plane in war museum in Hue
beaches, tombs and historical sites in the Ancient Capital, Hue
We get to relax in Hue today and it is possible to go to the beach, take a boat on the river or visit any of the citadels and tombs that the city is so famous for. We stay in a great hotel and have time to get clothes cleaned and service the bikes. Hue is also famous for its food so there is an opportunity to try this.
Beach in Danang
120 km
5 hours
Hai Van Pass
Today, is the last push and we will be able to take the beach road to Hai Van Pass and then go ver the mountain. This is a great drive but it is a little busy with tourists. Most commercial traffic now take the tunnel. There are some great views and a few military posts that we can stop at. It is good to take our time. Then, once we have come down the pass it is a very easy ride to our hotel. We will have a farewell meal and drinks in the evening and a chance to reminisce about the tour.