Ha Giang Loop (4D)
Journey to Vietnam's northernmost point.
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4 Days, 4 Nights
720 km
Pillions Welcome


The Ha Giang Loop is big, but in four days you can ride and experience much of it, especially since you'll be taking a VIP bus from and back to Hanoi, maximising your time on the loop. Ride the mountains of Dong Van, the Ma Pi Leng gorge and the Du Gia valley, all in the space of only a few days!

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4 riders
winding road in Ha Giang
120 km
5 hours
Bac Sum Pass; Fairy Mountains; karst scenery; Yen Minh pine forest
Our first riding day is not difficult at all but it is quite long. We do have time to take some detours to get on more rugged roads or stop off at viewpoints or sights. We also have time to stop off and chat with the locals and, if lucky, visit any local markets that are being held in the area. We start out on flat terrain but quickly ascend up onto the Ha Giang Plateau and need to decide if we take the shortcut or go through the forest. We end in Yen Minh town where we stay in a local run homestay and eat in the local market.
a small dirt road on a hillside in Dong Van, North Vietnam
110 km
6 hours
Hmong King’s Palace; Lung Cu Flag Tower
This is a short hop, of only 50km, on the main road but we do not take the main road. We head off onto the smaller roads and take little detours so that we can see what is going on in the villages. We may find that some roads are blocked but we an always get around that. This is why having plenty of time and only a few Km to go pays off. We stay in a large hotel tonight where we can clean up and relax in style.
this little cave is tucked away just a little south of Ha Giang
120 km
6 hours
Du Gia Waterfall
We now head onto the inner loop and and pass through Mau Due on our way own to Du Gia. The road is a small tarmac route but again we aim to get off it and take a few loops and goat tracks to get to our homestay. There are one or two locations which may have markets so an early start is a good idea. It also allows us to get to our homestay with plenty of time for beers before dinner.
the nine turn pass in Ha Giang
80 km
4 hours
Ma Pi Leng Gorge
We are under no pressure to make the distance today as Ha Giang is only a short way away. We can choose to lay in, explore the area or get back to Ha Giang and look around there. The first half of the route back is more scenic mountain driving but then we need to get on the main road again so it’s good to just get it done. We can eat in Ha Giang before dropping off our bikes and then getting our bus back to Hanoi.