Riding a motorcycle is a wonderful way to travel around a country as lush as Vietnam but it carries a distinct risk of foot injury. A study published by the Journal of Orthopedic Trauma found that 4.3% of motorcycle injuries are foot related – which is a pretty big proportion considering all of the different parts of the body you could injure. Taking care of your feet is crucial, and the first line of defense is your choice of boots.

Getting a pair of decent boots is also a great way to express yourself, much like tailoring your helmet to long hair is, or opting for a colorful paint job. Choosing the right material is the key, as is the right style. Get it right and you’ll be well protected and feel confident on the road.

The necessary safeguards

When choosing a pair of boots that are suitable for physical work, your first consideration should be the basic material you need. Motorcycle boots will have a lot in common with workman’s boots, such as durable materials, that make them sturdy against crashes and touches on the road from stopping and tight turns. Material aside, it’s essential that boots are well-fitting and have protections across the body. Jungle boots have experienced a renaissance given their versatility, and are a great example of how to ensure protection whilst making life comfortable.

Looking into versatility

To really enjoy what Vietnam has to offer, you need to step off the bike and take a trek into the hills once in a while. Vietnamese ripe rice fields are one of many examples of gorgeous natural scenery that the country has to offer, and your boots should be up to the occasion. If they’re leather, ensure it’s treated – otherwise you’re prone to absorbing water on the trail which can be uncomfortable. On the flipside, if you’re able to have breathable footwear, that’ll make the trip far more bearable.

Trekking Sapa, Vietnam

Go for quality, not quantity

Good quality boots can be expensive, but that’s for good reason. According to Gear Junkie, a good pair of walking boots will last up to 1,000 miles of walking – plenty when you’re getting around on motorcycle. Conversely, poorly cared for and cheap alternatives will break far sooner. It’s a false economy where you will ultimately end up out of pocket. You’re better off paying out once for a great product, using the correct brush to upkeep the boots, and benefiting the long term.

Good motorcycle boots

Picking the rights boots can be crucial for your ankle safety when you’re on the road. It can also be an opportunity to stylize yourself. By selecting the appropriate design and material, you can guarantee your safety and comfort.

By Jane French