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Finding Petrol in Vietnam

When you first arrive you may find it difficult to find petrol in Vietnam. There are many petrol stations around but sometimes you might not be sure as they are different from back home. Never fear! You can ask locals where they fill up. There is always one near your work, your house or along your travel route.

Google Maps

Another suggestion is to use Google Maps and type in the following search terms:

  • petrol
  • petrol station
  • cay xang
  • tram xang

Buying Petrol in Vietnam

Once you have found the petrol station, there could then be a problem communicating how much fuel you need. The table below outlines the amount as well as what it will sound like in Vietnamese. You simply need to pull up at a petrol pump and tell them how much you want. You can use your hands to indicate by showing 3 or 4 fingers if they are struggling to understand you. There is no big difference between 92 and 95 Octane fuel. The manufacturer will state which fuel is preferred but it isn’t greatly important to any of us.

All our bikes will run on petrol straight from the petrol station. Just pull up by the pump and tell them how much you want! Most bikes won’t cost more than 100,000 Vietnamese Dong (VND) to fill: indeed, it’ll usually be a lot less. In fact, the simplest thing to do is just say, ‘day binh’, which means full tank or fill it up. Below are the Vietnamese words for a few different numbers, anyway, just in case you find yourself short of cash!


You will see everyone is fast and prepared.  We suggest lining up at the pump, opening the seat and the petrol cap, putting the petrol cap on the seat latch to stop the seat closing, putting my keys back the motorbike and following the cue. Once the bike has been filled and you have handed over your cash, put the fuel cap on and close the seat before getting any change. This routine helps the process for those waiting in line too.

Take Care

It’s always best to use petrol from a petrol station, rather than from someone who’s selling it at the roadside: it’s of a higher quality, and is almost always cheaper. We do understand that in extreme cases it may be necessary to buy petrol on the roadside but it is best avoided. This petrol can be mixed with other liquids and can cause damage to your bike. It could also be dirty, or have water in it which may cause the engine to have trouble firing and then cause you problems.

roadside petrol in Vietnam - buyer beware
roadside petrol in Vietnam - buyer beware