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Renting: the 5 Steps of Rent A Bike

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one of our customers taking a Yamaha Mio from our shop in hanoi
A happy customer who just had the bike serviced.
one of our customers taking a Honda Vision from our shop in hanoi
Another happy customer taking a new Vision.
A family adventure on a Honda Lead from rentabike hanoi
A family of renters on a Honda Lead.

How Easy is it to Rent a Motorbike in Vietnam?

Motorbike rental in Hanoi is not difficult, however, there are companies that will try to get every penny they can out of you and treat you unfairly. Charging you for a full month if you return the bike a day late, overcharging for repairs that will likely never be made, or asking for more than the real cost of the bike if it gets stolen. These are just a few of the bad practices that Rent A Bike Vietnam does not engage in.

It will be this easy 👇

          Step 1: Contact us.

          Step 2: Tell us your dates and reserve bikes.

          Step 3: Go on an awesome independent trip with our help.

          Step 4: Tell your friends and family about your amazing experience!

It is important to remember there might be some subtle differences between motorbike rental in Vietnam and other countries. The most obvious difference being:

      1. Rental companies will rent to you without asking to see any license.

      2. There is no insurance so you will be held liable for the full cost of the bike in case of theft or major crash.  

Apart from this, most rental companies generally follow our procedures. In fact, many rental firms copied our terms and conditions as they didn’t know what to write 🙂 

Our company ensures your safety and full transparency of everything in Vietnam.

Honda Cub (no license needed)
Honda Future - left wide
Honda Future
Honda XR 150 - left wide
Honda XR 150

Types of Motorbikes

We rent all of our motorbikes on three different options. The rentals are defined by the duration of the rental and the use of the bike. It is basically, more or less than 01 month and whether you will stay in the city you rented from or not. You can see the break down below. 

Short term (daily or weekly)Short term is for people who only need the bike for a few days or weeks. They may also be leaving town and returning. 
Long term (monthly)Long term is for people who need the bike for several months.      They will use the bike in town with the occasional short trip away.
Touring (daily or weekly, but leaving town)Touring is for those people who need the bike short term to go     out of the city (often to the mountains) and perhaps drop off in    another city.


sunset in Sapa, North Vietnam
sunset in Sapa, North Vietnam

Reserving and Collecting Your Bike

How we work and what we will ask for is really very simple. You can also see our terms and conditions, Click here for daily / weekly rentals and here for long term / monthly. The process goes like this: 

Step 1: Contact us

It is very easy to contact us. We have website contact, website instant chat, email, Facebook, telephone (Viber, WhatsApp) so you should be able to reach us.

Tell us what bike you want and what dates: We have a range of automatic, semi-automatic and manual bikes. Here is where you can see them our full range of rental bikes.

To reserve or not to reserve:

  • To reserve: you must give us full rental or deposit. The bike is held and you pay the difference on collecting the bike
  • No reservation: Come in on the day you need a bike and take one (we do not guarantee to have all bikes available or to hold any bike without a reservation)

Step 2: Collect the bike

You will need to come into the shop to get the bike as we need to do paperwork.

Test drive: We ask that you quickly test drive the bike in order to make sure you are comfortable and you know it is in good working order. If there are any rattles, squeaks or problems that you would like fixed, you can tell us immediately so we can see too it.

Fill out the contract: We would like to see a valid passport with an entry stamp. We will take a copy, you will fill out the contract and secure any remaining payment needed. Nice and easy!

IMPORTANT – We have a section on the contract where you can note any issue with the bike. Perhaps, there are some scratches or there the glass covering the odometer is cracked a little. USE THIS SPACE to avoid confusion when returning the bike. FEEL FREE TO TAKE PHOTOS AND VIDEO OF THE BIKE BEFORE YOU SIGN THE CONTRACT.

Step 3: The fun part

Now that you have received the motorbike and all the paperwork is in order, you can take the bike on tour and keep in touch to let us help you with the best routes. You can email or call us during your trip. If you need a route or hotel advice we can help.

Any breakdowns/problems call us so that we can help: Please do not get the bike fixed without informing us. We do not trust ALL the local mechanics to do a good job and to charge the correct price. If you call us, we can help get the best job done. Any repairs needed, authorized by us, will be refunded when you return the bike. We may refuse to pay for any unauthorized repairs, particularly if they are not carried out to standard. 

Returning Your Bike to Us

Return the bike clean and with fuel: We give you the bike clean and with fuel. The fuel level is noted on the contract before you leave. We ask that you return it that way. If not, we charge for cleaning and for filling.

Any breakages to be paid for: If you have broken anything we ask that you reimburse the cost of the part that was broken. We use original bikes and so only replace with original parts. We do not accept cheap copies.

Any repairs that have been agreed are refunded: If the bike needed and mechanical repairs, we will reimburse you for those so long as we were informed before the repair took place. If you repair the bike without telling us at best we will refuse to refund you and at worst we will ask for the correct part to be fitted (in the case the wrong part has been fitted).

DO NOT FIX the bike yourself or have it fixed without getting our approval first. If the bike needs repairs we charge for the cost of the part. We do not charge extra for sourcing parts or labor for fitting. We are interested in getting the correct part on the bike regardless of who is responsible.

Deposit is returned: We will return the deposit you gave us: if you chose a passport or cash as a deposit. If you left VND we return VND, USD gets USD, etc…

Also, please note that we like you to tell us what is happening with the bike. This is really important for your safety and the safety of the next renter/rider. 

riding through the countryside in North Vietnam
riding through the countryside in North Vietnam

LAST STEP: write a review saying how excellent we were

We always appreciate the time and effort customers take to leave a review of their experience with us. This will help our future customers feel confident in our effort to make your time in Vietnam as hassle-free as possible. Most importantly, safety first.

You can review us on FacebookGoogle, or TripAdvisor.

P.S come back next year with more friends!

So, motorbike rental in Hanoi is not that difficult. Just follow the steps above. 

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