Expat Rentals

for riders living in Vietnam long-term

  • Expat Rental prices start at $40/month, and are charged in blocks of one month with a minimum rental period of two months (60 days).
  • For Expat Rental, we require a deposit of one month’s rental fee.
  • We also require proof you’re living here, in the form of a work permit and company address or a residence card.
  • All expat rentals are subject to a mileage limit of 1,000km/month, and are limited to the city in which you rent the bike and its immediate vicinity. If you’re looking to travel farther afield please try our Tourist Rental Package or, if you’re already renting from us, you can take advantage of our Short-Term Deal or our Holiday Deal.

Offers For Expat Renters

renting a bike on our Expat Rental Package and looking to do some travelling? 

Holiday Deal

5 days' free rental!

Our Holiday Deal is designed for riders who are already renting a motorbike from us on our Expat Rental Package, but who are looking to visit a different city. We offer 5 days’ free rental when visiting one of our other shops. (We have shops in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.)

  • The maximum duration of of our Holiday Deal is 5 days per 1 month Expat Rental.
  • We require a deposit of either your passport or $100 at the shop where you rent your holiday bike.
  • There is no need for you to return your Expat Rental bike to us before you travel.

Short-Term Deal

rent a different bike at a discounted rate!

Our Short-Term Deal is designed for riders who already renting a motorbike on our Expat Rental Package, but who are looking to do a bit of travelling or who even just want to try out a different bike. Choose a different bike, and we’ll discount the daily rate of your Expat Rental bike from the daily rate of your new bike.

  • There is no maximum duration for our Short-Term Deal.
  • We don’t require a deposit for our Short-Term Deal, but we do ask that you leave your Expat Rental bike with us when you take your new one.

*Please note that advance booking is required for our Holiday Deal and our Short-Term Deal, and both are subject to availability. Deals are available exclusively to riders already renting a motorbike from us on our Expat Rental Package.