Riding Tips

motorbiking advice drawn from decades of experience

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Motorbike Tips

Honda Master 125 - keyhole

Renting vs Buying

Over the course of a two-year teaching contract, you might well save a little money by buying versus renting. Under what circumstances, then, should you consider renting a motorbike?

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locals riding through a flood in Saigon

Flooding in Vietnam

Every motorcyclist knows the adventures of an open road include sudden changes in weather along the way. That dry clean stretch can change to a

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Honda XR 150, Hoa Binh lakeside

Buying New vs Used

Whether you are going to travel or live in Vietnam, you will experience a motorbike. You have various choices of going on a motorbike, for

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touring on a Honda Blade semi-automatic

10 Touring Essentials

When considering a motorbike tour in Vietnam, it’s extremely hard to imagine what essentials you need to pack. It’s even harder when you’ve never visited

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