Honda Wave Alpha

[tourist rental]

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Honda Wave Alpha

[tourist rental]

Honda Wave Alpha [Tourist Rental]

From: $7.00

The Honda Wave Alpha is one of the most popular bikes in Vietnam. Very light, with excellent fuel economy.


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Inexpensive, lightweight and extremely reliable, the Honda Wave Alpha is arguably Vietnam’s favourite motorbike. It’s basically the older brother of the Honda Cub: it may lack a bit of the character of its smaller counterpart, but it more than makes up for this by being more comfortable, more capable, and having an engine more than twice the size.

Because of the Honda Wave Alpha’s popularity, parts are very cheap and easy to find and local mechanics all know these bikes inside-out. This can be handy if you decide to travel outside the city, which these bikes are more than happy to do, although if you’re looking to carry a pillion or a lot of luggage we’d recommend going for either the upgraded version, called the Honda Wave Blade (it’s got disc brakes and a better engine), or even the significantly more powerful Honda Future.

Displacement109.1 cc
Dry Weight97 kg
Seat Height769 mm
Transmissionsemi-automatic (4 speed)
Fuel Capacity3.7 kg
Fuel Systemcarburettor
Front Brakedrum
Rear Brakedrum

*Please bear in mind that, because we stock a few different models of each bike, your model’s specifications may differ slightly from those shown above.

Our Tourist Rental Package is designed for riders who don’t live and work in Vietnam, or who are looking to travel around the country.


  • The price for Honda Wave Alpha Tourist Rental is $7/day. If you rent for 6 days we offer a 7th day free, which comes to $42/week.
  • We require a deposit of either $500 or your passport. Your passport must be valid, and contain the visa with which you entered Vietnam.
  • There is no mileage limit for Tourist Rentals.
  • If you experience any problems with your bike during the rental period, you must call us immediately so we can help you. While we trust our customers, we don’t necessarily trust local roadside mechanics.
  • We service our bikes before and after each rental, but if you’re renting for a long time or riding a lot please let us know when you hit 1,000-1,500km so we can get your bike serviced. You can take it to one of our shops or, alternatively, we’ll recommend a mechanic and reimburse you the cost when you return your bike to us.
  • Please note that motorbike insurance is almost impossible to come by in Vietnam. This means that, while we will cover the cost of a breakdown, you will be liable for the cost of repairs in the case of a crash, or the cost of a replacement bike in the case of yours being lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.


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