Manual Motorbikes

for experienced riders: our largest, most powerful bikes

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Manual Bikes

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Honda Master 125 - right wide

Honda Master 125

A classic cruiser. The Honda Master 125 is a great choice for a road trip since it’s comfortable and has plenty of space for luggage and a pillion. (It’s darn photogenic, too!)

Honda Winner - right wide

Honda Winner 150

The Honda Winner is a fully manual, 150cc scooter that’s great fun to ride. These things look great, handle well and are unbelievably quick.

Honda XR 150 - right wide

Honda XR 150

A 150cc dual-sport with long suspension travel and high ground clearance. The Honda XR 150 doesn’t have the biggest engine, but it’s got more than enough power to handle pretty much any road in Vietnam.

Honda FTR 230 - right wide

Honda FTR 230

Our most powerful bike, and arguably our coolest-looking. The Honda FTR 230 has a big engine with plenty of grunt, wide tyres and a large, comfortable seat. It’s great fun and extremely capable.