Yamaha Nuovo

[tourist rental]

Our Tourist Rental Package is designed for riders just visiting Vietnam. Click here if you’re looking for an Expat Rental instead, or click below for more details.

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Yamaha Nuovo

[tourist rental]

Yamaha Nuovo [Tourist Rental]

From: $10.00

Our most powerful automatic scooter. The Yamaha Nuovo is very quick, is great for carrying a pillion and has plenty of storage under the seat.


*Please note that this is an automatic bike, meaning you’ll be limited to the city in which you rent the bike and its immediate vicinity. This is for your own safety: automatic scooters lack the power to be ridden for extended periods of time, and they do not handle steep or poorly maintained roads well. If you’re looking to do some touring, please check out our semi-automatic and manual bikes instead!


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