Automatic Motorbikes

great for riding in the city

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Automatic Bikes

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Ultimo - right wide

Yamaha Mio

Our smallest automatic scooter. The Yamaha Mio is a good choice if you’re a beginner, or if you’re just looking for something to take you around town.

Honda Vision - right wide

Honda Vision

The Honda Vision is a quick, economical scooter. It has plenty of storage space and power, and excellent handling.

Honda Airblade Temporary Image

Honda Airblade

The Honda Airblade is our fastest Honda scooter, perfect for cruising around town. It looks great and handles very nicely in traffic.

Honda Lead - right wide

Honda Lead

The Honda Lead is a large scooter with a lot of power. It allows for step-through access and has a monster of a boot, making it extremely popular among the Vietnamese middle class.

Nouvo - right wide

Yamaha Nuovo

Our most powerful automatic scooter. The Yamaha Nuovo is very quick, is great for carrying a pillion and has plenty of storage under the seat.