25km from Con Cuong townlet, the nature endows a wonderful landscape to Pu Mat National Park – Khe Kem Warefall. Water cascades down from the height of 500m and slope of 800 to three terraces, creating white spume. With the exotic beauty granted by the nature, Khe Kem waterfall has become one of the most attractive sites of Phu Mat National Park in Nghe An. Visiting here tourists can enjoy the fresh atmosphere and immerse themselves in the nature.

The path leading to Khe Kem waterfall isn’t challenging. It is at the side of Pu Mat National Park. In the distance, Kem waterfall can be seen like a ribbon of white silk on the green back-ground of Above and along the waterfall is a carpet of wild plants and hundreds of colorful flower garden. At the foot of the waterfall is a long brook with a number of table-like flagstones which are used as resting places by visitors. Also at the waterfall landscape.

Tourists swin under the Khe waterfall.

The average temperature at this place in summer is around 20oC. Coming to this waterfall, visitors can enjoy themselves with fresh air and pure environment of the nature, tasting rice liquor and sticky rice cooked in bamboo segments or watching lam dance of the Thai ethnic minnority. Visitors can go along a small path to the top of the waterfall, where they can enjoy the picturesque mountainous landscape. From this place, visitors can go up to Khe Bu Valley or climb up Pu Loong Mount a high peak in Pu Mat National Park (the round-trip takes 6-8 hours). At present, there is an asphlted road from Con Cuong Townlet to Khe Kem waterfall. Several guesthouses and tourist serveces are founded to serve visitors. Khe Kem warerfall is a tourist attraction to both domestic and foreign visitors Pu Mat National Park.

Rock climbing activities in Khe Kem waterfall

Khe Kem waterfall is in the middle of a high mountain and thick forest. The waterfall seems more formidable and powerful when you get closer to it. The stream and ponds might not be big enough to accommodate hundreds of visitors at a time, but they are really ideal for a small group to swim in or take photos right at the foot of the waterfall as rainbows shimmer in the background.

Many young men just jump right down. But those who are not that brave can still enjoy the cool water at small ponds not far from the fall.

There’s a restaurant in the area but you have to call and book in advance if you want some local dishes, or a safer choice is bringing your own food.

Enjoy local dishes