How to get to Rent A Bike Hanoi

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Arriving in a new city and trying to find your way around can be a little tricky. We do have Google Maps but, you still may not be able to find the best way to get somewhere. This map shows how to get to Rent A Bike Hanoi shop from a variety of arrival points. Take a look and see the notes below to help you find the best route and mode of transport.

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From the Airport


bus 86 from noi bai
Bus 86 Noi Bai to Hanoi

This is the cheapest way to get to us as well as involve a little walking. If you have minimal luggage and are not in a hurry, the bus is a good option. Vietnam is usually quite warm, anything from 25 degrees plus, so moving around with a lot of luggage is a hot, sweaty and difficult thing to do. This can fray your temper and make you less tolerant. Beware. Luckily the bus is air-conditioned so once inside life will get better. Buses leave every 15 to 20mins.

crowded bus 86 from Noi Bai aiport
It gets quite crowded.

How to get to the Bus Stop?

You will find the bus stop at the arrivals lounge of the airport and you are looking for Bus 86. Just walk out of the main exit and you will see the sign (below). Even if you don’t see this, turn left and walk about 200m. You will see people waiting, the bus stop and perhaps a bus ready to depart.

This will bring you to Tay Ho in about 40 mins depending on traffic. A ticket costs 35,000 vnd which is just less than 2 USD (1USD = 23,000vnd). You will also need to walk the last 1 Km, or so, to our shop as the bus stop is up on the main road. Call us and see if we can come and pick you up. We will if we have the staff available.

More information on buses and shuttle buses here:

Bus Information

Link to Google Map – for Bus Route

Bus Route


The next option would be to use Grab for a taxi or for a motorbike (xe om) to get you into town. The benefits of this are that you can leave whenever you wish and be dropped off wherever you wish. It will be a little more expensive, though. And, due to Grab’s pricing methods, you can never be sure what the price will be at that time on that day. A recent quote gave us a price of 100 vnd / 5usd for a motorbike and 200 vnd / 10usd for a taxi. To use this service, you download the Grab app on your phone and get set up.

Grab Bike Drivers
Grab Bike Drivers

Grab drivers are notoriously bad at directions and don’t be surprised if you have to help the driver find the route using your own phone. It is what it is so just cool and get to us. You can always call us on 0904392423 and we can help the driver find the way.


Not including a hotel transfer, this is the most expensive way to get into town. However, it is fast and reliable. If you use one of the main airport taxi firms, you will generally find the driver is polite and will charge you on the meter without any argument. The cost of this to our shop in Tay Ho will be around 350vnd / 18usd. If this is shared between 2 or 3 people it becomes quite reasonable.

There is a taxi rank immediately outside the arrivals lounge and plenty of taxi drivers trying to get you into their taxis. This is pretty standard for anywhere, really. You will probably see these taxi companies:

If you are taking a taxi around Hanoi or to the airport you can also consider these options above. Like any country or city, beware of taxis that will not use the meter to charge the fare. Also, watch the meter and if it starts racing up, ask to stop, pay and get out. Then get a different taxi. Depending on which company you choose the charge per KM is between 10-15,000vnd. You can easily tell how far you have been by looking at the meter and also at Google Maps. Then you can see if the meter is ‘off’.

From Hanoi Train Station

There are two sides to the station so be careful. You can see this clearly on the Google Map above.

Le Duan – If you are coming from the South (Dong Hoi, Da Nang, HCMC)

Tran Quy Cap – If you are coming from the North (Lao Cai, Yen Bai)


Again, you can take the No. 86 bus to get to Xuan Dieu Street (very close to our shop). Buses leave every 20 mins and ticket costs 35,000vnd. It will take about 1h on the bus and on foot to get to us. This route will take you past Hoan Kiem Lake (tourist attraction) so have your camera ready.

The bus stop is outside the main Railway station on Le Duan St. Be warned that if you arrive from Sa Pa (Lao Cai) then you will exit to Tran Quy Cap and not the main station, where the bus stop is. To get over to Le Duan involves taking overhead walkways to get across the tracks to the  Le Duan St side of the station.

Taxi / Xe Om

As soon as you exit the train station you will be bombarded with offers to get in/on xe oms, taxis, tuk-tuks and sometimes cyclos. Try to remain cool and calm and find out how much the driver wants to charge BEFORE you get in / on the vehicle. Have small notes ready as many drivers will not have change.

As a guide for pricing, a Grab Taxi will cost around 70,000vnd / 3-4 usd and a Grab Bike will cost around 40,000vnd / 2-3 usd.

It will be hard to get these prices from independent drivers so expect to pay around 50% more than this. If you are taking a taxi, then the driver may only be willing to put the meter on. Even in that case, you shouldn’t end up paying more than 120vnd. Check first and use the advice above !!

From the Old Quarter

You will find Taxis and Xe Oms on every street corner and it will be easy to get one to bring you up to our shop. I suggest asking your hotel which firm is the best or to call you a driver. Often they will use Grab and will need to know if you wish to take a car or motorbike. A Grab Taxi will cost around 50,000vnd / 2-3usd and a Grab Bike will cost around 30,000vnd / 1-2 usd

With Xich Los and Xe Oms you will need to barter for the price and can easily be overcharged. Be careful.

If in doubt, contact us 

So, by now, you should know how to get to us and which form of transport suits you best. If you have any further questions before you arrive you can email us. If you need help when you are in town, you can call us or try Facebook

All our details are below. Good luck.

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