Beat The Thieves With Modern Technology

Vietnam is the motorcycle capital of the world with 45 million bikes on the road in 2017 (approximately one for every two people). It is small wonder as Vietnam is a stunning place to visit, and perfect for motorbiking around. However, motorcycle thieves operate in gangs within the big cities and despite excellent work by the Police many motorbikes are taken from tourists every year. Fortunately there are some solutions to preventing the thieves from striking, and modern technology can help you out if the worst happens.

Stay Secure And Track It If You Need To

Bike thieves are very ingenious in Vietnam. Expensive locks are too hard to cut but unfortunately compound gates are often made of cheap materials, so these are cut through instead. Similarly bike locks are difficult to breach but wheels are easy to remove. As the thieves operate in gangs walls up to 2 metres tall present no issue for them to move a bike over. Bikes need to be brought indoors to kitchen or into basements to keep thieves at bay.

When out and about in Vietnam it is important to park in designated motorcycle spots in order to ensure maximum security. The chance of a motorcycle being recovered if it is stolen is very low indeed. The Police are working hard but they are really up against it. There is one way to get an advantage over the gangs, and that is with GPS technology. Pedal bicycles have had GPS devices for years, but these have often been bulky and very easy to remove at the time of theft. Modern systems are tiny and can be hidden within handlebars or elsewhere within the frame of motorbikes. Bikes can be tracked using GPS devices through your smartphone allowing the Police to easily catch the gang and return your bike.

Protection doesn’t mean the same as at home…

Bikers from around the world are used to putting on suits of armour and multiple layers before clambering onto their monstrous machines. Biking in Vietnam does not mean riding 1000cc behemoths at over a hundred kilometres an hour. Motorcycling is closer to bicycle riding, and needs to have the same considerations. When you visit you’ll be hiring smaller moped style bikes and travelling much slower than you are used to. High traffic density will slow you further and add smog into the mix in the cities. Protection when riding a motorbike in Vietnam means covering your mouth and nose to keep out particulate pollution, and slapping on the sunscreen.

More Important Than That…

Now your bike is secure it is important to stay stylish and avoid helmet hair. By using an open faced helmet or one with a flip front, you can avoid doing too much damage to your style. A sleeve or hood can also help to keep things in check, if you can take the heat. If the worst comes to the worst you may just have to carry a hairbrush and product with you.

Motorcycling in Vietnam is the absolute best way to travel but it is important to stay safe, take basic precautions and look good. By following simple rules to ensure your bike isn’t stolen when you sleep, and by considering discreet GPS tracking technology, you can ensure that you have a great time.

By Jane French