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Honda XR150, 150cc, Manual.

Daily rental20 USD
Weekly rental120 USD (one day free)
Monthly rental 360 USD (one week free)

The Honda XR150 is the latest bike from the XR range. It is an off-road bike but not what you would consider a real dirt bike in that it doesn’t have the power to get out of sticky situations. It is a very easy bike to drive and has great gearing that allows you to creep along in 2nd, allowing you to take note of what is around you.


  • The Honda XR150 motorbike is imported into Vietnam and as such the Honda Dealers often refuse to work on them. You will then be forced to use a small mechanic shop to do any work and you should watch them carefully. Finding parts is more difficult but not impossible as there is a lot of mutual parts used on other Honda Bikes. For example, Honda Dream clutch plates will fit and get you going, if needed.
  • Previous experience riding a manual bike is essential. This bike can handle 02 people and backpack but be kind and don’t load it up too much.
  • Weighing in at 122kg, it is not much heavier than the Honda Future, and it is equally nimble. The suspension means it will eat up dirt tracks for breakfast and save your back and butt.

They are less attractive to thieves as they are harder to strip and fence but you still need to be careful. To date, we are yet to have one stolen but at 3,000USD a piece it is better to be safe than sorry. To avoid the thieves, check out our parking tips in Vietnam as it can be tricky knowing where to park your motorbike.

What it is the Honda XR150 good for?

Expat rental

This is a very useful and reliable city bike that will get you where you need to go with minimum fuss. They are very easy to drive and negotiating traffic is not a big issue apart from the extra width. They ‘eat up’ potholes and allow you to bump up the curb easily. The biggest problem is carrying goods and shopping. If that is what you need, installing a GIVI rear box is a good idea!

Tourist rental

As we mentioned above the Honda XR150 will handle city driving quite well. They are more in their element on day trips out of town and longer trips between cities. They are very comfortable for long periods on the road because of the higher seat which gives more leg room and the excellent suspension that smoothes out the road. The large fuel tank gives an excellent range (300+km) which is more than most people will drive in any given day. They handle off-road conditions well and will make short work of most dirt tracks. The exception to this is any thick wet clay that can, at times, clog up the bike. 150cc is just not enough power to rip down to the solid road or clear the wheels of clay.

Monthly Rental:

The monthly rental rate is for long term expats that need a bike for use in 01 city and there is a mileage limit of 1,000km/ month. The deposit is 01 month’s rental fee (50USD). We will ask you where you work and your home address. This is more so that we can come out to you to collect rent or service the bike.

Daily / Weekly Rental:

The daily and weekly rental rates offer unlimited mileage, however, the deposit is either 500USD or an original passport.  For ONE WAY RENTAL, there is a drop off fee of 70USD if you decide to leave the bike in one of our other shops. This is currently available between Hanoi, Danang, and HCMC.

In addition to the bike, we offer you:

  • A rear rack to strap your bags onto
  • A U lock for extra safety
  • Saddlebags for luggage
  • Bungees to strap things down
  • A helmet


We service our bikes before and after each rental. However, on a long trip, it is wise to check the bike over. We ask that you keep a note of the mileage and then tell us after around 1,200 to 1,500km so that we can help you get the bike serviced. You will need to pay this cost but we will refund you when you return the bike. It only costs a few dollars.

Caution: You MUST call us when having any work done on the bike. We trust you but we do not trust roadside mechanics, who may not know how to service the bikes and may overcharge you. We need to talk to them directly before any work is done. Failure to do this or monitor the mechanic can result in serious/expensive damage to the bike and you will be liable for it.

Seat height         82.5cm
Fuel capacity12.0 litres
Fuel consumptionres / 100km
Oil capacity01 litre (to refill/change)
Engine type4 stroke
Engine Capacity 150cc
Front Tyre  90/90-19
Rear Tyre         110/90-17
Starting systemElectric / Kick start
Gear Box5 speed



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