Ha Giang

The end of the Himalayas

Ha Giang is Vietnam’s holy grail of motorbike touring.

Wild rugged landscapes riddled with smooth roads that wind their way over passes and round hairpin bends. Couple this with the amazing variety of tribal groups that live in the harsh unforgiving environment and you have a recipe for some of the best all round driving in the world. It is not lightly that many veteran riders say that Ha Giang is rival only to the Himalayas.

RentABike Vietnam has partnered with a local provider to make sure that you have a quality bike at a great price and the local knowledge and support required for an exciting yet safe adventure.

Option 1- Ride from Hanoi

Reserve a bike directly with us for pick-up in Hanoi, and then drive to Ha Giang. This takes a day and the roads directly to Ha Giang are not much fun to drive. However, if you plan to visit another area for example, Lao Cai or Cao Bang first, or you plan to visit another area after Ha Giang, this could be the option for you. This is because rentals generally begin and end in the same town, so it could be better to begin and end your trip in Hanoi.

How this works

Simply book a bike online and then pick it up at our store. We will give you all the equipment and information you need to take a fantastic trip throughout Vietnam. When you have finished your trip you can either return the bike in one of our stores or send it to us by train. We NEVER charge rental fees for bikes in transit. When we get the bike, we will return your deposit. Done deal.

Option 2- Pickup a bike in Ha Giang

Reserve a bike with us online and pick it up in our partners shop in Ha Giang. The easiest way to get to Ha Giang is by overnight bus. Then, take your tour and return the bike in Ha Giang. This option cuts out the necessity of driving to Ha Giang, which will take a full day, thus increasing the amount of time you have to explore. If you are short on time or driving experience this is the option for you as you can get there quicker and there is no need to battle the hustle and bustle of traffic coming in and out of Hanoi.

How this works

Reserve a bike online and have it waiting for you in Ha Giang at our shop, just 200m from the bus station. Take the overnight bus to Ha Giang, where we will collect you and let you rest until morning in our dorm room; feel free to take a hot shower, if needed. Then pick up your bike and gear and head off for the first day of your adventure. You now have the freedom to make your own way through the mountains, stopping wherever you wish and extending your trip if necessary. When you are done touring just return the bike to our shop in Ha Giang and get ready to take the overnight bus back to Hanoi.

Ha Giang city

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