Our freedom guarantee

Rent A Bike deliver our bikes in ‘fit for purpose’ condition and will never offer a bike for sale or rental unless we are certain that it is in good condition.

In order to maintain the quality of our bikes and ensure your safety and peace of mind we offer a no breakdown guarantee. However, in order to benefit from this, there are, unfortunately, one or two hoops for you to jump through.

1. Change the oil every 1000km – this is good for you and the bike as you will have a more efficient engine that works more safely and reliably

IF any mechanical work is carried out, our preference is to use the dealership mechanics where possible. All mechanical work must be agreed to by us in order

A. for us to cover this cost and B. to maintain the ‘no quibble’ buy back price

If you keep receipts and records of any work carried out to the bike, we will reimburse you (as long as we have approved the work) when you sell the bike back to us.

2. To be up front and clear, the rider is responsible for:

  • Damage caused by accidents or malicious persons.
  • Flat / worn tyres – we will not let a bald tyre out of our shop. If you are unsure of a tyre when you get your bike, let us know, and we’ll change it.

Important Note: We only take guidance on mechanical issues from trained mechanics, usually at dealerships. Please do not expect us to listen to the advice given by someone on the street.