So you've got some questions?

Great - we hope we can answer them. See our FAQs below, and get in touch if you need to know anything else.
Is it better to rent daily or take the backpacker deal?
This depends on several factors. You need to look at how long you wish to rent for whether there is any saving either way. Also, consider whether you are happy to buy a bike outright or prefer the lower outlay of deposit + rental fee.
Why do I have to pay a transportation fee?
This is because we do not have enough two way traffic to be able to give your bike to another rider. We need to keep the numbers of bikes in our locations fairly balanced and so find that we have to move them between locations.
Do you provide helmets?

Yes, each bike comes with one helmet. We have a range of helmets available and you are free to choose. Be aware that our helmets ore not as good quality as those you amy have back home so if you are really picky or have a strange head size, you should bring your own.

We do not send helmets with bikes when we ship bikes to locations where we do not have a shop i.e HCM. This is because we have no idea of what kind of helmet will suit you.

Can I pay from my home account?
Yes, you can pay us directly in Vietnam or in the UK by bank transfer. We can also easily send money to you anywhere in the world, we haven’t failed yet ☺ Also, if you have a UK bank account we can transfer funds to you without fees.
Do you accept credit / debit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards. However, there are four issues to be aware of and they are: 1) The banks (not us) levy a fee on the transaction and this around 3-5% depending on which bank you use 2) We cannot ‘block’ a credit card, we have to charge it and therefore, 3) we cannot refund to a card, we can only refund in cash and 4) because we are credited in Vietnamese Dong (VND) we will refund you in VND.

Where can I get a helmet?
Because motorbikes are the main form of transport in Vietnam, there are shops on every street corner selling helmets. You can pay as little as $2 and up $200+ for one, but spending between $15 – $50 would get you something reasonable. If you are particular about your helmet, you should bring one from home.
Do you provide insurance for total loss / theft?
No, we do not. If you lose the bike, you are 100% responsible for replacement. There is no way to get insurance in Vietnam, that we know of. Be careful, and only park in areas with a guard that gives you a ticket for receipt of the bike.
Can you teach me to drive?
Yes, we can spend some time showing you how the bike works and how to drive. This, obviously, does not replace formal training but usually people can quite easily pick up the basic skills needed to be safe. From then on, it is a matter of practice on less challenging roads before moving into the crowds. We take no responsibility for what happens during or after the time we help you learn.
Is my International Driving Permit (IDP) valid?
First you must check to see if your IDP states Vietnam as one of the countries it is valid for. There are several issues of IDP, so check.

This is a grey area somewhat because IDPs are said to be valid but some police do not accept them as such. However, the police rarely stop non-vietnamese for traffic violations and if they do, the worse thing that will happen is that you will be fined and then sent on your way. This fine is usually around $10-$15

How long does it take to drive from Hanoi – HCMC?

It is possible to make the journey in 10-12 days. HOWEVER, we do not recommend this. Most people take from 15-25 days (this is why daily rental can work out to be a better option) as this allows time to stop in cool areas like Phong Nha, Mui Ne, Hoi An etc.. and to have some fun off the bike.

You can also put the bike on the train/bus very easily and this helps to cut down the amount of driving, if you wish to.

Are there many cheap hostels on route?
Vietnam is full of cheap hotels ‘Nha Nghi’ and there are backpacker hostels dotted all along the coast. You are ulikely to have to travel more than 100km to get to a hostel and small hotels are everywhere, so if you find that a place is full you will not have to travel far to find a bed.
Do you have any good resources that you can share?

Yes, we suggest you use VietnamCoracle website and also join the FB group Vietnam Back Roads as well as Vietnam Backpacker tips

What is a blue card?
This is the registration document of the bike. This will show who the bike is owned by. Our bikes are registered to our company so if you have any problems with the police you can just call us and we’ll say that you are on our bike proving that it is not stolen. With other rental or buy back companies this may not be so easy.
Do I need to carry the blue card?
If you are renting the bike, then no, a rental contract is enough to show that you haven’t stolen the bike.

If you plan to take the bike across borders or sell it, then yes, you will need this to show ownership and to give to the new owner.

What should I do if the police ask me to stop?
This is very dependent on the situation, however, stop and TAKE THE KEYS OUT OF THE BIKE so that no one else can take them.

Smile and be uber polite. Show (do not hand over) any requested documents and if you are worried about anything then film them with your phone. Legitimate cops shouldn’t have a problem with this.

Is the buy-back guaranteed?
Yes, as long as you change the oil every 1000km and inform us of any repair / maintenance work that has been done, we will buy the bike back. We haven’t refused a bike yet and there is no reason for yours to be the first.
I have been told it is too dangerous to drive in Vietnam. Is this true?

Yes, it is very dangerous to drive here but millions of people do it every day. Like with most things, you can control the amount of risk you take so driving carefully and being aware of what is going on will go a good way to keeping you safe.

There is of course an element of risk and unknown factors that we cannot control but driving safely and wearing the correct clothing should minimize this.

Do you have an emergency hotline?
You can call us at any time for assistance. We give you 2 contact tel numbers and encourage you to friend us on FB.

We will help you over the phone as much as we can. We can translate between mechanics, police, hospital staff, security guards etc… and we can also help give you information as to the location of facilities (hotels, mechanics) and rough prices for goods and services.