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Category: North to South

the view of Woman's Island from the Christ of Vung Tau

Top to Bottom | 18 Days

This is a fantastic ride that takes you the length of the country. We have listed 18 days for this but you might like to take out or add in a few days as it may seem a little rushed or a little slow or as if you are missing out on things. There is so much to see, do and experience and we travel through so many distinct regions that there is never a dull moment. We get to experience colonial war sites, Vietnam war sites, highlands, lowlands, a huge range of ethnic people and their regional foods and cultures. You may think you are going to see it all and even though you will see a lot there will be plenty that draws you back for another tour.

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lanterns in Hoi An

Highland Flyer | 15 Days

This route will take you from Hanoi, down the Ho Chi Minh Highway, along the border with Laos and then Cambodia as you pass through the central highlands. This is a much more mountainous route, with only a brief visit to the coast, where you get to see many artefacts left over from the war and meet a diverse range of local ethnic people. Anyone who likes to travel through the mountains and the narrow winding roads that you find there will love this route.

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relax by the pool at Marina Bay Resort and Spa

Coastal Cruise | 14 Days

This route has you flying down the coast of Vietnam. We take in a large chunk of the Ho Chi Minh Highway and do get to see the hills but we are mainly on the beach enjoying the sun, sand and surf. We pass through the three regions of Vietnam: Northern, Central and Southern and get to taste the different cuisines and experience the differences in weather and culture. This is a tour that many want to do so that they can tick it off their list or say that they did the Top Gear Vietnam tour. It can be started in either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City and is an absolute belter of a tour.

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