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Category: 5-7 Days

sunset in Sapa, North Vietnam

Military Sweep | 7 Days

The main aim of this tour is to see the historical military sites that pertain to the French occupation of Indochina. As such, we tend to make most headway on tarmac roads with short forays off the beaten track simply to spice up the trip. We can tailor this to more or less dirt if needed and we will listen to the group on this. There is a good mix of easy and more challenging road conditions as well as scenery and local ethnic people. You will sweep westwards and upwards before looping northwards to Sa Pa with the chance to summit the ‘Roof of Indochina’ AKA Fansipan.

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sunset in Ta Xua National Park, North Vietnam

Dinosaur Loop | 7 Days

This tour takes you through 4 national parks and nature reserves so you will experience the quieter side of Vietnam, which can be a welcome break from the mayhem. This also means that you will view some virgin forests and be able to visit some conservation areas and projects. On top of this, the tour takes you through some of the most scenic areas where you will get great selfies and be blown away by the view, especially if we can get to ‘cloud hunt’. This tour is easily manageable for all levels of rider and can be scaled up for those who want more of a challenge. However, visiting some of the lesser-visited areas in Vietnam is the key to this one.

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Ban Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang, North Vietnam

Waterfall Run | 6 Days

A large loop taking in 2 of the quieter but still impressive locations in the North: Cao Bang and Ba Be. This tour is designed for those that wish to ride and also wish to hang out with friends and do some sightseeing. You have the choice of stilt houses or hotels (we suggest mixing it up) and of having hard or easy days on the bike. A very pleasurable tour that can be easily tailored to all wants and needs.

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fun wee road in Mai Chau, North Vietnam

Reservation Hop | 6 Days

This is a relatively easy loop that takes us through 4 nature reserves and on some pretty rough road, if we wish. It can be tailored to the needs of any rider on any bike. There is a good mix of on and off-road available and some great scenic spots for selfies and landscape photos. You’ll see a mix of lowland tribes and visit several nature reserves and protected forests.

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fields and hills in Ba Khan, Hoa Binh

South by Southwest | 5 Days

This is a wonderful loop that takes you first to some of the most popular tourist villages and national parks around Hanoi and then off to much less known areas that see very few foreigners. The riding is not difficult and there is plenty of time for photos and taking in the views. Comfort levels do drop a little as the tour progresses due to the simplicity of the quieter places we visit, but that is a welcome trade off.

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Ta Xua Lu Tre Homestay-looking North towards the dinosaur spine

Mountain Hop | 5 Days

This is an easy loop that can be tailored to the needs of any rider. If you want smooth tarmac and plenty of time to take in the views, chat to the locals, and hang out in the villages, it can be arranged. We visit two nature reserves and see a host of ethnic villagers. Alternatively, if you want a little more excitement on some tricky off-piste road, it is out there for you.

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