Motorbike Rental Hanoi: Honda Future 2018/19

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Honda Future – 125 cc – Semi-Automatic

Daily rental 10 USD
Weekly rental 60 USD
Monthly rental (expat) 65 USD
Monthly rental (touring) 180 USD
Drop-off fee: 70 USD

The Honda Future is a good-sized 125cc, semi-automatic scooter. There is no clutch to deal with but you do need to shift gears.

It is more powerful than the Honda Wave or Blade but it is a 4 speed, semi-automatic bike. This bike is much better in the hills due to the higher power and often the better braking – the front disc brake. Like the Honda Blade and Honda Wave, there is very little space under the seat for storing belongings. There is only enough space for a small bag.

The Honda Future is very popular throughout Vietnam and, therefore, you can find parts for it very easily. Unfortunately, they are easy to steal and there is a good second-hand market due to this popularity. You need to be careful where you leave the bike. Always park in a locked garage or a place that has a guard and take a ticket. To avoid the thieves, check out our parking tips in Vietnam as it can be tricky knowing where to park your motorbike.

What is the Honda Future good for?

Expat rental

This is a very economical and reliable city bike that will get you where you need to go with minimum fuss. With a little more power than the Honda Wave or Honda Blade, you have more flexibility. They are easy to repair and easy to drive. They ARE attractive to thieves and more costly to replace than the Honda Wave or Blade, so you need to be careful with them.

Again, it is important to remember that they are attractive to thieves. It is a good idea to take extra precautions when leaving the bike unattended, such as using a U lock to secure the wheel or turning the additional lock to cover the keyhole.

Tourist rental

A great bike for around the city, as we mentioned above. They are good for day trips out of town and longer trips between cities. However, they are not that comfortable for a longer period of time and the limited range due to the small tank might be annoying. The DO NOT handle off-road conditions well and will either get bogged down in mud or really shake you around on the slightest of bumps


This bike can carry 02 people and light luggage. Having two people and a large backpack could be dangerous. For that, we would suggest the manual bike, Honda XR150.

Monthly Rental:              

The monthly rental rate is for long term expats that need a bike for use in 01 city. The deposit is 01 month’s rental fee (65USD). We will ask you where you work and your home address. This is more so that we can come out to you to collect rent or service the bike.


We like to service the bikes at least once every 02 months or anytime you feel something needs looking at.

Daily / Weekly Rental:                          

The daily and weekly rental rates [10USD and 60USD] offer unlimited mileage, however, the deposit is either 500USD or an original passport. This price is also the same as the Honda Blade so you get more bike for the same money.  For ONE WAY RENTAL, there is a drop off fee of 70USD, if you decide to leave the bike in one of our other shops. This is currently available between Hanoi, Danang, and HCMC.

In addition to the bike, for tourist rentals we offer you:

  • a rear rack to strap you bags onto
  • a U lock for extra safety
  • saddlebags for luggage
  • bungees to strap things down
  • a helmet


We service our bikes before and after each rental. However, on a long trip, it is wise to check the bike over. We ask that you keep a note of the mileage and then tell us after around 1,000km so that we can help you get the bike serviced. You will need to pay this cost but we will refund you when you return the bike. It only costs a few Dollars.

Caution: You MUST call us when having any work done on the bike. We trust you but we do not trust roadside mechanics, who may not know how to service the bikes and may overcharge you. We need to talk to them directly before any work is done. Failure to do this or monitor the mechanic can result in serious/expensive damage to the bike and you will be liable for it.

Honda Future – Specifications:

Weight:          105kg
Seat height:    77cm
Fuel capacity: 3.7 litres
Fuel consumption:  2.2 litres / 100km
Oil capacity:   0.7litre (to refill/change)
Engine type:   4 stroke
Engine Capacity: 124cc
Starting system: Electric / Kick start
Gear Box:    4-speed rotary
Honda Future


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