Located deep in the forest in Trung My commune, Binh Xuyen district of Vinh Phuc province (about 70km from Hanoi), Ba Ao (three ponds) Waterfall has recently become a destination for those who love traveling, especially youngsters, thanks to its intact beauty.

Thanh Lanh Lake. Photo: Minh Hoang

To get to the site, tourists are to pass by Thanh Lanh Lake, a reservoir for agricultural crops in the area. The vast water body reflecting the blue skies and green trees as visitors go along the path around it makes a spectacular scene like in a water-color picture. On the other side of the lake are steep cliffs. The vast green color of the forest trees around the lake stretches like it never ends. The grandeur of the hills, the lake and the forest makes visitors feel like being in the middle of the heaven.

A vast field on the way . Photo: Minh Hoang

At the end of the path surrounding the lake, visitors will see a shallow spring running across another path leading further into the forest. After crossing the 4th spring, you can see a signboard “BA AO” and may leave your motorbikes in Homestay nearby then walk through the 5th sping to reach the waterfall

Crossing springs. You will have to cross 5 springs like that so you should be well-prepared, especially on rainny days.

The roads between springs

After the 4th spring, you can see this signboard and may leave your motorbikes in Homestay nearby and walk through the 5th sping to reach the waterfall

After crossing five springs, then visitors will find themselves in front of Ba Ao Waterfall. And it’s time to enjoy.

A part of waterfall. Photo: Minh Hoang

The dazzling white churning water falling from the height to spaces surrounded by steadfast stones forms three ponds. The romantic scenery is especially suitable for visitors to throw small parties or set up camps for leisure activities after a long journey crossing the lake, forest and springs.

Enjoy the fresh water and beautiful nature

Butterflies on the forest

It is advisable that visitors should prepare food so that they can light up a small fire to cook and enjoy the taste in the gentle hold of Mother Nature. At night, a small bonfire is a wonderful idea for holiday-makers to share their stories about the land that they have been to in the sound of the waterfall. Visitors will never regret coming to Ba Ao Waterfall!