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Hidden Valley
Two days in nature. Absolutely chill ride.
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2 Days, 1 Night
360 km
Pillions Welcome


This looks like an easy loop and a well worn tourist route—Mai Chau and Pu Luong, awesome though they are, are pretty well-known destinations—but fear not! We get you off the main roads and onto the smaller roads where you can see local Vietnamese life in full swing. Lots of natural beauty, fun riding and great places to stay.

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Honda FTR parked at Hoa Binh Dam
180 km
6 hours
Hoa Binh Dam; ATK Routes
We take the longer, more scenic route to get out of Hanoi and get used to the bikes. Following the Red and then Black Rivers before heading into the hills. We also get off the main road and take some of the smaller roads and dirt tracks to wind our way over to the Hoa Binh Dam and then take the lakeside road to get to Mai Chau.
helmet on a Honda XR 150, on the Hoa Binh Lakeside Road
180 km
6 hours
lakeside road; Go Lao waterfall
Today, we head down the Mai Chau Valley and take the quieter and longer route back to Hanoi. We get the chance to visit Pu Luong Nature Reserve and then hop over the ridgeline and back to Hanoi on the smaller roads. We finally take some of the ATK routes back and then speed along the highway to get back before dark.