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Ha Giang Loop (6D)
Caves, mountains, rivers and valleys.
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6 Days, 6 Nights
1080 km
Pillions Welcome


Du Gia Waterfall. The Ma Pi Leng mountain pass. The Dong Van karst limestone Plateau and the H'Mong King's palace. The Ha Giang Loop is easily one of Vietnam's best. Take the overnight bus from Hanoi, collect your motorcycle in Ha Giang, get on the road and experience it for yourself.

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limestone cascades inside Lung Khuy Cave, North Vietnam
60 km
3 hours
Our first riding day is not difficult at all and we can take plenty of detours to get on more rugged roads or stop off at viewpoints or sights. We also have time to stop off and chat with the locals and, if lucky, visit any local markets that are being held in the area. We start out on flat terrain but quickly ascend up onto the Ha Giang Plateau. It will be cooler up here. We stay that evening in a local homestay run by the Dao people.
locals eating nem cuon in Bao Lac market, Ha Giang
50 km
5 hours
This day takes us along the valley floor before ascending into the Yen Minh pine forest. It’s a great feeling to be surrounded by the mountains on either side. We can drive through the forest or take a newly constructed shortcut across quite barren hills. I guess the choice depends on how we are feeling after feasting the evening before. We can stay in a regular hotel or the small group of local homestays that has been developed and we can eat in the homestay or the local market for a bit of colour.
on a medium sized bridge in Dong Van, Ha Giang looking over the Nho Que river and to the mountains
110 km
6 hours
This is a short hop, of only 50km, on the main road but we do not take the main road. We head off onto the smaller roads and take little detours so that we can see what is going on in the villages. We may find that some roads are blocked but we an always get around that. This is why having plenty of time and only a few Km to go pays off. We stay in a large hotel tonight where we can clean up and relax in style.
stone marker for km0 in the centre of Ha Giang City
50 km
4 hours
This is a very short route and that allows us time to get up late, visit a few sites such as the skywalk or the fortress and still make it to Meo Vac in time for tea. A very relaxed day which has a little more sightseeing than riding. It’s worth it but we can also choose to explore the dirt tracks in the area if that is preferred.
ethnic kids in ha giang on their way back from flower picking in the fields
100 km
6 hours
This is our longest day so we need to be rested and ready to drive. Again, we can choose the easy tarmac route or the extremely technical mountain path route. They really are chalk and cheese. We pass through Mau Due and then on to Du Gia where we stay at a luxurious homestay serving wonderful food. It is an easy day tomorrow so perhaps let your hair down a bit.
a suspension bridge in Ha Giang near Bao Lam
80 km
4 hours