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Cloud Hunter
Stepped rice fields and high mountains.
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9 Days, 8 Nights
870 km
Pillions Welcome


Cloud Hunter is all about getting up high, riding to the top of some of Vietnam's highest mountains so that you can look down on the clouds from above. Traverse the narrow Dinosaur Spine on Ta Xua mountain before heading through national parks, stepped rice fields and back roads all the way up to the historic mountain town of Sa Pa.

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4 riders
180 km
6 hours
We get out of town as quickly as possible and then we take the smaller back roads and ATK roads to get to the beautiful Pu Luong valley. This is not a hard day but concentration is needed as you become acclimatised the the bike and the traffic conditions.
the road to Pu Luong overlooking Tien Son
80 km
4 hours
Again, not a difficult day, technically and it is a chance to relax a little and get a good feel for the bike. We take the road less travelled and, if time, a detour to get back round to Mai Chau village where we stay in a homestay that serves the best food in the village.
Ta Xua Lu Tre Homestay-looking North towards the dinosaur spine
160 km
5 hours
We take the road halfway up the Moc Chau plateau only to then descend down into the Black River valley and up the other side. There are plenty of opportunities for dirt track in this area and we will try to stay off the main roads, even if it means getting lost on occasion :) With luck, we will have time to get to the Dinosaur’s spine for photos.
Ta Xua: Lu Tre Homestay on the top of the hill
90 km
4 hours
This is a very difficult road which can only be taken in the dry season (Nov – March) and it takes us over the Ta Xua range and down towards Nghia Lo. we stop off at the hot springs and stay overnight before heading out on much less technical but equally scenic road.
terraced rice paddies in Mu Cang Chai
100 km
4 hours
This is where we hit the QL32 which is a great stretch of road. It is very easy to drive and there are plenty of sights to see as well as gorgeous views along the way. It’s the kind of drive that you don’t want to stop and you’ll find this day is over quite quickly.
some beautiful rice fields in Mu Cang Chai
130 km
6 hours