The Rentabike Guide

Your ideal primer for riding in Vietnam.

motorcycle air pump on a Hanoi street

Riding a Motorbike

Riding a Motorbike | The Rentabike Guide How to Ride a Motorbike The roads in Vietnam can be a dangerous place. Just riding a motorbike

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police standing at a busy intersection in North Vietnam

The Police

Police | The Rentabike Guide Dealing With the Police in Vietnam The first thing to be said is that 99% of dealings between foreigners and

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some locals stopping off at a petrol station in North Vietnam


Petrol | The Rentabike Guide Finding Petrol in Vietnam When you first arrive you may find it difficult to find petrol in Vietnam. There are

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two women on a motorbike in Hanoi's Old Quarter


Parking | The Rentabike Guide Parking a Motorbike Safely in Vietnam The first and most important thing to to remember about parking is that in

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XR parked up near the Da River in North Vietnam

Riding Tips

Riding Tips | The Rentabike Guide Riding Tips Specific to Vietnam Recently, we had a renter sign up for a bike and shared some tips

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