Terms and Conditions

The following outlines how Rentabike Vietnam (Party A) and you (Party B) will enage with each other upon entering a contract. You will sign a contract upon collecting your bike. That same contract is outlined below.

General Terms

1.1. Party B must inform party A of any problem with the bike and party  A will get it fixed as soon as possible.
The cost to fix the bike will be on party B’s account if those problems are due to:

  • Party B has an accident.
  • Party B accidently drops the bike resulting in broken parts or damage to the engine.
  • Party B doesn’t check the air in the tyres often enough, which causes flat tyres.
  • Party B gets the bike fixed somewhere without our knowledge or approval.
  • The bike doesn’t work due to bad weather i.e. rain, flood etc
    Please note If Party B has paid to fix the bike in a mechanic’s without letting party A know, party A will not be responsible for any charge claimed.

1.2. The cost to fix the bike will be on party A’s account if those problems are due to:

  • Reasonable wear and tear on the bike caused by using the bike in the way it was intended.
  • Mechanical problems not resulting from accidents, incorrect use or unauthorized repairs of the bike

Please note If party B has paid to fix the bike in any mechanic’s with party A’s approval, party A will reimburse those charges on party A’s account as stated in 1.5 above in full and not be responsible for any incidental charges claimed.

Delivery and collection

2.1. The delivery/ collection fee is 100,000VND per bike per delivery/ collection.
2.2. All deliveries and collections need to take place during working hours. If party A is forced to collect any bike outside of these hours or from a third party, party A reserve the right to withhold the deposit as stated in 5.2. below.
2.3. Party A is unable to deliver / collect bikes outside of Hanoi.
2.4. Bikes can be collected / returned to the shop at any time during working hours

Service and Repair

3.1. Party A provides a free service for all bikes once every two months at our mechanic shop in 31 Phu Doan street.
3.2. If the keys are lost and party B requires a set of replacement keys, party A will assist as soon as possible. The fees for a new set of keys is 100,000VND (one hundred thousand dong).
3.3. If the bike has any problem, party B must take it to the mechanic shop to get it fixed. Party A can help take the bike to the shop if:

  • Party B can’t drive due to injury.
  • The bike will not start. However, if this is due to an accident, a fee might be charged for transportation of the bike.

3.4. Flat tyres: Party A will reimburse the cost to fix the flat tyres if the cause is because the tyres have worn out. Party A will not reimburse if the cause of the flat tyre is that:

  • The air pressure in the tyre is incorrect.
  • The bike carries more weight that it is supposed to.
  • The puncture is caused by factors out of our control i.e you drive on something sharp such as a nail or piece of glass.

The reimbursements are as below:

  • Wave Alpha 40,000 VND (patch) 100,000 VND (inner tube)
  • Wave RS 40,000 VND(patch) 100,000 VND (inner tube)
  • Yamaha Mio 40,000 (patch) VND 100,000 VND (inner tube)
  • Yamaha Nouvo 40,000 (patch) VND 100,000 VND (inner tube)

Please note If the tyres are replaced without party A’s approval, party A will not be responsible for any charge claimed.

Loss / Theft / Write off

4.1. In the event of lost / stolen / written off bikes, party A will:

  • Help report the missing bike to the police.
  • Estimate and inform party B the bike’s current value.
  • Request party B pay for the bike. Party A will then give party B the bike’s registration papers so that party B can claim the bike should the police find it.

4.2. If the police retrieve your bike, party B must inform party A as soon as possible so that party A can get it back. Party B will be responsible for any charges incurred which may include fines, storage, or transportation.
4.3. If party B parks the bike somewhere and loses the ticket, party B must inform party A as soon as possible and party A will help you get the bike.

Returning the bike

5.1 Bikes are to return at the shops during working hours. A pick up fee will be charged if Party B is unable to return the bike at the shops.
5.2. A 24 hours notice is required before returning the bike. Party A does not accept for bikes to be left with third.
5.3. If there is any damage to the bike party A will withhold the deposit until repairs are done. Party B is expected to pay any extra costs if these are greater than the deposit.
5.4. When returning the bike it is party B’s responsibility to check carefully for any items left under the seat.


6.1. The deposit is one month rent.
6.2. The deposit will be returned in full if:

  • Party B returns the bike on time with due notice.
  • The bike is not damaged.
  • There are no missing parts.
  • The bike is reasonably clean.
  • There is a full tank of petrol left in the bike.
  • Party B has rented the bike for at least 2 months

6.3. The deposit will be retained if:

  • There is no 24 hours notice.
  • The bike is damaged.
  • There are parts missing.
  • The bike is with a third party.
  • Party A is forced to collect any bike outside of working hours.
  • Party B has not rent the bike for over 2 months

6.4. Party A will return the original deposit paid and will not allow for any difference in exchange rate nor pay any interest on the original deposit.
6.5. Other charges

  • Dirty bike: 50,000VND (fifty thousand dong)
  • Bike without a full tank of petrol: 100,000VND (one hundred thousand dong)-

Party A accepts no responsibility for any fines or criminal charges incurred due to missue of the bike. Party A accepts no responsibility for any physical injury.

Party B accepts to use the legally within the confines of the laws of Vietnam Party B accepts full responsibility for any loss, theft, breakages, fines and physical injury.

Party A reserves the right to rescind this contract at any time and take collection of the motorbike.

Both parties recognized this contract to be legal and binding.