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Motorcycle Rental Offers for Vietnam Influencers

Got a cool social page? Run a blog or website? We love connecting with people passionate about riding. We can offer you all the tools you need to make the most out of your Vietnam adventure. Route planning, local connections and, most importantly, a motorcycle up to 100% off!

  • Discount on your motorcycle rental of up to 100%!
  • High-level, personalised route planning and advice for your tour.
  • We can connect you with awesome homestays and hotels across the country.
  • We’ll follow and promote your channels on our highly engaged Facebook and Instagram pages.

All we need from you is access to the awesome photos and videos you take while on tour, a few links back to our site/socials and for you to tag us in your stories!


Images and videos. We’re looking for high quality stuff we can use on our website and post on our social media pages.

We’ve got a huge selection of automatic, semi-automatic and manual bikes: check them out on our rentals page! You’re free to choose whichever one you like. Just bear in mind that automatics aren’t really suitable for touring so we’d recommend a semi-auto or a manual.

Of course! You link to us, we’ll link to you and we can even talk about guest blogging.

Motorcycle rental Discounts

Olivia and boyfriend at Tam Pass in Ha Giang

Level 1

driving the Honda Master at dusk

Level 2

Patrycja on a Vietnam motorcycle tour in Bac Son, Lang Son

Level 3

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Andy Davidson
Andy DavidsonMad or Nomad | Adventure Motorcycle Travel
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The owner, Danny, is a brilliant guy, is super friendly and helpful and always on hand to give us advice and tips along the route. We really liked that support is offered along the ride via WhatsApp and we found some awesome little routes thanks to Danny that we wouldn't have otherwise seen. His recommendations for guesthouses and hotels were perfect too.